Artist in Residence

AiR Tilburg – Artist in Residence Tilburg offers research or production residencies to hybrid artists who seek for advancement, development or reorientation in their artistic practice. The Artist in Residence programme of SEA Foundation is complemented by guidance and individual mentoring from which young talents as well as more established artists benefit. The residencies are especially aimed to recalibrate focus and reprioritize urgency.

Pass the puddle

Artists who ask themselves developmental questions about the status of their work, changing grounds add to new input and a change of perspective to clarify this puddle of questions, and help you to explore the core as well as the fringes of your art practice further.

Plug in

In addition to the artist in residence studio time, hybrid artists may also be offered a development trajectory for up to two years and work towards a solo exhibition in our Project Space or elsewhere in the world. To stir up developments and adding opportunities, this provides an extra incentive and adds horizon for a resident. SEA Foundation builds bridges between emerging artists and already established professional artists, whom we all see as peers. We feast on collaboration and are plugged into a proper connected international, national as well as local network. And, we will encourage you to plot and forge new liaisons too. If you, as a visual artist, think that a research or production residency will offer you opportunities, then do not hesitate to apply.

Artist residencies

Annually, SEA Foundation invites artists to apply for flexible residencies up to the duration of one month. Through these residencies, SEA Foundation aims to create and foster collaborations between Dutch artists in the Netherlands, curators, art institutions, and their artistic peers internationally. The advantage for an international artist visiting the south of the Netherlands, is easy access to a dynamic and growing visual contemporary art scene within an area that is compact and easy to access. SEA Foundation has a large, warm, local as well as international network and an established reputation, which ensures introductions to both public and private art institutions, directors, curators and artists at all levels.

On offer

  • Studio and private living quarters
  • Including heating, water and electricity
  • Breakfast
  • Bespoke mentoring
  • Shared kitchen and common residency rooms
  • Workshop and equipment
  • Art-related library
  • Weekly outings
  • Interaction with other residents
  • Office facilities and printers
  • PR activities
  • Wifi everywhere on the premises
  • Parking
  • Bike on loan

Artist contribution

  • Open to studio visits
  • Produce 1 blog post per week, incl. two images

One of the following for residencies longer than two weeks:

  • Take part an event during your residency
  • Produce an artists’ book (longer than 4 weeks)

Grants and stipends

There are 4 – 6 grants with stipends and production budgets available per year. Please consult our Open Call page

For more details on funding and finances, consult the Grants and Stipend page

Additional information on residencies

Prepare for your stay at AiR Tilburg
Residency preparations
When you come well prepared, you’ll enjoy your Artist in Residency and dedicated work time at SEA foundation even more.
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House Rules – AiR Tilburg
House rules
House rules for AiR Tilburg residents. Good to know what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. Read the house rules before applying for a Residency.
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Previous Residents

Timotheus Tomicek | i.c. with Eline Kersten
Half a Life
18.03 – 22.04.2018
A solo exhibition by Austrian artist Timotheus Tomicek in collaboration with Eline Kersten.
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Sally Tape | Artist in Residence
February | March 2019
Sally Tape
The Australian artist Sally Tape reflects on the physical space of traveling and architecture during her residency at SEA Foundation. The links between architecture, minimalism and movement are a central theme within her artistic practice.
Read more
Iwona Rozbiewska | Artist in Residence
November | December 2018
Iwona Rozbiewska
The Polish artist Iwona Rozbiewska works on two in-situ installations, resulting from her research into objects, materials, and the perception of their usefulness.
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Mila Lanfermeijer | Artist in Residence
October | November 2018
Mila Lanfermeijer
At SEA Foundation Netherlands, Amsterdam artist Mila Lanfermeijer develops brand new works for her solo-exhibition, in which she explores the possibilities of costume as a sculptural medium and canvas.
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Hans Overvliet | Artist in Residence
September | October 2018
Hans Overvliet
Artist is Residence, Dutch artist Hans Overvliet elaborates on his ongoing project Distant Suffering (2013-). In this project, Hans Overvliet approaches the representation of war in contemporary mass-media from a critical perspective.
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Yelena Popova | Artist in Residence
July | August 2018
Yelena Popova
During her residency at SEA Foundation, the Russian/British artist Yelena Popova works on a joint project with the Belgian artist An Onghena and the Dutch artist Katrein Breukers. In the resulting multimedia installations, three realms explore the concepts of sculptural space (figures) and performative possibilities (routines).
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Lucandrea Baraldi | Experiential Landscapes
April/May 2018
Resident from Italy, based in Eindhoven
Lucandrea Baraldi explores further the development of his theory on Experiential Landscapes.
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Sidney Aelbrecht | Artist in Residence
October – November 2017
Resident from Belgium
Antwerp visual artist and musician Sidney Aelbrecht works on a new body of work AiR Tilburg
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Janet Chan | Artist in Residence
October 2017
Resident from Australia
Artist in Residence 2017, Australian artist Janet Chan from Sydney works st SEA Foundation during the month October 2017
Read more
SangJun Yoo | Artist in Residence
May – June 2017
Resident from South Korea
Artist in Residence 2017, South Korean artist SangJun Yoo researches his practice and works on a group exhibition
— Read more
Junsheng Zhou | The Clouds in Rapids
May – 2017
Work in situ
Artist in residence 2017, Chinese artist Junsheng Zhou researches his practice and works on a group exhbition
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Eloisa Ibarra | Artist in Residence
May – June 2017
Resident from Uruguay
Artist in Residence 2017, Uruguayan artist Eloisa Ibarra researches her practice and develops concepts for future art works
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Vanessa Brazeau | Artist in Residence
June – September 2017
Resident from Canada
Performance artist Vanessa Brazeau join the AiR programme at SEA Foundation from June – September 2017 in Tilburg-
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Jenny Blumenfield – Expanded ceramics
Studio visit
Jenny Blumenfields’ new works, photographs and sculptures make for such a feast as they celebrate the women within. 
— Read more
Jens Standke | Transparant Tape Machine
Media artist Jens Standke debutes his new work Transparent Tape Machine in solo exhibition on conceptual music.
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Open Call Fellowship | 2019-2020 residency program
Deadline: The open call for 2019/2020 is closed.
SEA Foundation invited curators, visual artists and writers to apply for a residency in 2019/2020. For some selected candidates, there are fellowships available
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Claudia de la Torre | BackBoneBooks
Back Bone Books
Emerging Mexican artist Claudia de la Torre exhibits her reworked books in publications and installations in Back Bone Books
– Read More
Simon Carter
Simon Carter Paintings
The way Simon Carter works in  proximity of his home, a labour intensive way of productions, he uses a restricted pallet
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Steye Felix
Goodbye to my Imaginary Friends
Steye Felix frequently ventures out on different paths, leading him to music, soundscapes, installations, even needlework and most recently glass.
— Read More
Thomas Braida | Toads swallow fireflies, the gods eat everything
Toads swallow fireflies
Thomas Braida comes from the North Eastern part of Italy Gorizia, He completed his training at the Venetian academy of Visual Arts.
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Bram Braam | Artist in Residence
Bram Braam
During his Residency at AiR Tilburg, Bram Braam created the ongoing and ever changing installation How long is now? Transition of structures.
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Costin Chioreanu
Costin Chioreanu, known today as one of the most talented designers of the avant-metal and dark psychedelia.
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