Available Grants

The SEA Foundation Grant covers fully, all the fixed costs for the live work/studio and the use of amenities, during a residency at AiR Tilburg, Netherlands. Grants are awarded to selected applicants of the yearly Open Call.

Grant max. € 7680

The selected applicant receives a grant that covers the fixed costs of the residency. The weekly fixed rate is 540 euro (1 person) or 640 euro (2 persons, in case you bring a partner or assistant). The grant matches the length of the residency from 1 week to 3 months. It’s important that applicants indicate a preferred duration for their residency on the application form.

The grant covers the costs for:
• Private live | work studio
• Heating, water. electricity
• High speed WIFI
• 4 Hours per week bespoke mentoring and training
• Use of shared kitchen and common residency rooms
• Breakfast
• Use of workshop and equipment
• Use of art-related library
• Interaction with (local) peers and other residents
• Office facilities and printers
• PR activities
• Free parking (road side)
• Bike on loan

Additional Stipends

In addition to a Grant, grantees can be awarded generous Stipends too. These Stipends cover a large range of additional, variable costs.

Stipend production € 1500
Grantees receive up to € 1500 euro to cover production costs.
The production Stipend may be used for example to pay for costs in connection with an exhibition at our Project Space, for a co-production in a space elsewhere or the production of an artist’s book.

Stipend of € 200 euro per week
Grantees receive € 200 euro per week when in residence.
For example to cover the costs for additional studio assistance or additional residency materials.

Costs for the Resident

It is expected that invited artists, writers and curators from Non-EU countries obtain a valid visa for their stay at Air Tilburg, Netherlands. SEA Foundation writes letters of invitation for this purpose. We also advice that our Residents have suitable health and liability insurance

• Travel and visa costs
• Personal expenses
• 30 Euro application fee

Self-funded residencies.

Self-funded residents are welcome. these residencies are mostly aimed at research or the production of new work. Visual artists, curators or writers focus on questions, problems and ideas that will have an impact for them now and into the future.

Co-funded residencies at AiR Tilburg Netherlands are collaborative projects and may or may not be connected to an Open Call. We warmly invite individuals with funding, organisations, art intermediaries and festivals to contact us with a collaborative project proposal. We are looking forward to receiving your ideas contact us.