SEA Foundation writes reviews of exhibitions and artistic events, which can be read on this blog. The posts put contemporary art into a socio-cultural or philosophical context. We hope to offer the reader food for thought by sharing ideas and developments in the cultural field.


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Wallspace – Eindhoven (NL) | by Marijn Dekker
Studio Drift | Stedelijk Amsterdam by Marijn Dekker
Hana Miletić | WIELS – by Riet van Gerven
Marfa – Texas | by Tamara Derksen
Sky Mirror | De Pont museum Tilburg
Vanessa Brazeau | Colour Stalker
Fiona Banner – by Johanna Caplliure
Blog #1 residency – by Vanessa Brazeau
Robert Proost | Keeping Eyes Afloat
Crowdfunding 100% | TilburgvoorCultuur