Muhcine Ennou

Muhcine Ennou | Photographer

“Untitled” from Melting Pot – Digital Photograph, 50×33 cm, Morocco 2016 ©

Date: 07.07 – 18.08

Opening 7th of July
Time announced later


Muhcine Ennou

Muhcine Ennou is self-educated artist, currently living and working between Morocco and the Netherlands.

His interest lies in combining analog and digital techniques, both in visual and sonic art, leading to exciting fusions of organic textures with electronic elements. Muhcine seeks to capture the sweet and sour spices behind the subtleties of everyday life.

Human history is marked by struggles between tradition and modernity. “Change itself” in general terms, frightens people. The attachment to popular culture, tradition, fairground arts, old myths and memories, the photos are a mind-trips back and forth between the past and what left of it and modern present, too many facets of a changing in society, a growing pain being experienced throughout today’s Arab world and of all the uncertainties inherent in modernity.

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