Keeping Eyes Afloat – Robert Proost

Does writing on art diminish its expressiveness? After three years of writing for SEA Foundation, Robert Proost dares to answer this question with ‘no’. Ten essays and eleven poems (in Dutch and English) are now gathered in one publication.

‘Keeping Eyes Afloat’ is an exploration of looking and experiencing contemporary art. The writer searched for common ground between viewing and writing. Language appears to be just as flexible as visual art. Text can open up your eyes to see new perspectives in a visual work that, without the text, one might have overlooked. In that way not only the visual arts can make your  eyes wander, but text has just as much power in keeping the eyes afloat.

Editorial coordination: Riet van Gerven
Text and Poems: Robert Proost
Translation: Robert Proost and Heleen klomp
Graphic design: Amy Althuizen
Printed in The Netherlands by Habé Drukkerij Tilburg

ISBN/EAN 978-90-826841-2-4
Pages: 146
First edition: 50
Publisher: SEA Foundation Tilburg