Project Space Tilburg, at Gust van Dijk at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the NetherlandsProject Space Tilburg, at Gust van Dijk at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the NetherlandsAiR-Tilburg, passage through the garden towards the studio, SEA Foundation, Tilburg The NetherlandsAiR-Tilburg, passage through the garden towards the studioAiR-Tilburg Library, SEA Foundation, The Netherlands,Library AiR-Tilburg, The Netherlands


Seungean Cha | Artist in Residence
February – April 2020
Resident from South-Korea
Seungean Cha is a South Korean artist creating paintings through weaving in reference to Korean and Western modern abstract paintings.
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Marjo Postma | Symbiosis
Studio encounter | by Lieselotte Egtberts
Lieselotte Egtberts visited Marjo Postma at the European Ceramic Work Centre where the Amsterdam artist was on a 3 months production residency
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sea_youhere | Project
Virtual Vitrine
Art and Sustainability
sea_youhere aims to share knowledge and expand the network of artists and curators from all over the world. The 2020 edition is themed #artandsustainability.
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Meet the institutions | Portfolio Day for artists
Speed Date
The popular KOP speed dates for artists are organized in collaboration with SEA Foundation. 20 Selected artitst meet with 10 different art institutions from all over the Netherlands.
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WARP | project
Curated Vitrine
Organisations like SEA Foundation resemble the warp: a collection of threads being stretched in place present a frame and a given direction. For WARP we invite artists to draw their practice over and under the WARP like the weft threads

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European project | Partnership with Cove Park
Residency exchanges 2019 – 2020
Collaboration with Cove Park: a Scottish multidisciplinary Artist in Residence near Glasgow. Together with 8 institutions throughout Europe, we partake in cultural exchanges with Scotland. 
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Freja Niemann Lundrup | Making the Unseen Seen
15.12.2019 – 25.01.2020
Freja Niemann Lundrup concludes her residency at SEA Foundation with a solo show in the Project Space. Making the Unseen Seen tells about the Unheimlich and trauma in the body.
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Jolijn van den Heuvel | Between Hands
25.01 – 15.02.2020
SEA Foundation’s sea_youhere project for 2019 is being concluded and brought back to the Netherlands. Jolijn van de Heuvel’s solo show draws the Virtual Vitrine in the transparency of real-life at SEA Foundation’s exhibition space.
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Nina van de Ven | Inspired by Ethnography and Popculture
EUROPALIA ROMANIA | by Lieselotte Egtberts
Klaas Burger | Exposing Blind Spots through Art

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Freja Niemann Lundrup | Making the Unseen Seen
Mila Lanfermeijer | The Age of Wire and String
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