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#sea_youhere 2.0 | art and sustainability
Reflective essay
on #sea_youhere 2.0
The virtual vitrine #sea_youhere 2.0 is at its end. In the coming year, we will deepen our knowledge and focus more on research of art and sustainability.
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fold #01 on Empathy
March – June 2021
See full program of activities on the theme of Empathy in relation to sustainability
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fold #02 on Commons
August – October 2021
SEA Foundation introduces a new approach with a fluid exploration of the theme of commons through a continuum.
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Hillside Projects | THEY WHO WERE
29.04. – 05.06.2021
The solo exhibition by Hillside Projects (Emily Berry and Jonas Böttern), a Swedish artist duo, deals with the intertwining of nature and man.
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Opportunities at SEA Foundation
work – learn – traineeship
at SEA Foundation
We are looking to strenghten the team. In case you like hands-on experience and like to collaborate and feel part of a dedicated team. Apply!

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Reading on Empathy | with Mari Keski-Korsu
Reading on Empathy no. I
20.05. – 17:00 CEST online
SEA Foundation would like to invite you to take part in the reading session that wraps around and beyond the theme of empathy along with the hydrofeminist thought.
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Jesse van den Berg & Eva Spierenburg
April | July 2021
Collaborative research based residency
Artists Jesse van den Berg and Eva Spierenburg collaborate on invitation of SEA Foundation on a research towards ‘Empathy’.
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Hillside Projects | Artists in Residence
April | June 2021
Hillside Projects
Residents from Sweden
Artist duo Jonas Böttern and Emily Berry Mennerdahl have a multidisciplinary art practice that is prompted by current events in and around nature.
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Hillside Projects | THEY WHO WERE
Nina van de Ven | Inspired by Ethnography and Popculture
EUROPALIA ROMANIA | by Lieselotte Egtberts

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