54th Venice Biennale

54th Venice Biennale

Michael Parekowhai, On First Looking into Chapman's Homer 2011, garden of the venue
Michael Parekowhai, On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer 2011, (at the garden of the venue)

Date: 12.06 — 11.09
54th Venice Biennale


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54th Venice Biennale

Informative presentation of the shop-window and front space of SEA Project Space in Tilburg with a report of the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale. A selection of the occasion of this edition, issued publications, brochures, books, catalogs, posters, films and photographs. The perfect landmark this summer, to prepare for your visit to the Biennale.

The 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale is directed in 2011 by the art historian and critic Bice Currier.

Bice Curiger is an art historian, critic and curator of international exhibitions. Her curatorial activity at Kunsthaus Zurich parallels her important work in the publishing sector. In 1984, she cofounded the prestigious art magazine “Parkett”, of which she is editor-in-chief. She has been publishing director of London Tate Gallery’s magazine “Tate etc” since 2004.

The Venice Biennale exhibition is open from 4th June to 27th November 2011