Vanessa Brazeau | Colour Stalker

Colour Stalker - Vanessa Brazeau | performance project

Red Colour Stalker, Vanessa Brazeau, SEA Foundation 2017
 “Red Colour Stalker” Vanessa Brazeau, performance 2017. Image by Riet van Gerven

June-July 2017
AiR Tilburg
Vanessa Brazeau



SEA Foundation
production with
financial support of
Tilburg voor Cultuur


Brabants Dagblad 06.07.2017



Performance project

Colour Stalker

Colour Stalker is an experimental research action by artist in residence Vanessa Brazeau. Upon her arrival in Tilburg, she saw cycling as the best way to get to know the city and was amazed by all the possible bike routes. Reflecting on this within the context of her current research, which explores decision-making through random means, she made an exercise out of her bike trips by making them as random as possible. The result is a series of 60-minute bike tours in which each route is determined by following bikes with a certain colour. Becoming a Colour Stalker is a way to explore Tilburg in a most random sense; the artist roles a dice with 6 colours on it – red, grey, black, green, blue and yellow.

Whatever colour she rolls, she takes her bike in front of SEA Foundation and waits for that colour bike to ride by. Then she follows it. She continues to follow it until either another bike with the same colour crosses her path, or the bike reaches its destination. In the first case, she changes direction and begins following the new bike instead. In the second instance, she waits outside of the bike’s destination until another bike of the same colour comes along.

Each time Vanessa Colour Stalks, she sets aside her choices and intuition and proposes that her view of the city be left to the fate of the colour of bikes on the roads that day. She records her routes, which allow others to recreate her rides, and gives instructions on how others can become Colour Stalkers themselves and create their own alternative bike routes. Vanessa Brazeau’s Colour Stalker research is on display at SEA Foundation Project Space until 30 september 2017. You can also download your instructional guide to becoming a Colour Stalker too.

Follow your own route

Use the QR code at the exhibition window at SEA Foundation or follow the link to the Colour Stalker instruction website with a great deal of colour Stalker features, outfits and extra’s which by the way – is still under construction – until Vanessa’s residency time is up.

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SEA Foundation Curator Artist Writer in residence programm, AiR Tilburg, The Netherlands
SEA Foundation Curator Artist Writer in residence programm, AiR Tilburg, The Netherlands