The Artist in Residence Programme – AiR Tilburg – offers artists, curators, and writers a unique environment. We propose time and space for research, experimentation, professional development, critique as well as peer-to-peer exchange. SEA Foundation’s objective is to foster innovative artistic expression and the creative process, by encouraging and supporting art professionals and their practices.

The residencies provide a safe haven for residents to explore the core as well as the fringes of their practices.
AiR Tilburg facilitates each year up to 8 professionals – local, national, international artists, curators and writers at all stages of their careers. Each resident benefits from a made to measure residency and a bespoke learning program to suit requirements on a ‘mix and match’ basis

Bespoke mentoring

Residents enter an experimental, studious process and receive dedicated support by art practice mentoring in combination with guidance from certified MMS and NLP coaches. It is our belief that development is achievable by dialogue, by sharing ideas and opinions during talks with art critics, curators and peers. Residents are encouraged to address frontiers, let go of expectations and make discoveries. Each step, each stage of discovery may be shared, questioned and reflected upon.

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AiR Tilburg is situated in the former shophouse of Gust van Dijk, who was the commissioner of the 1930s Amsterdam School style building. It was recently renovated and restored by artists and designers to provide room for the desired activities, to establish a Home to Contemporary Art. AiR Tilburg is located in the inner city, overlooking Tivolipark and, it comprises of two AiR studios. In the building, there is also a street fronted gallery and a highly rated B&B as well as artist-owners’ living quarters. Because of its welcoming setting, AiR Tilburg is a safe haven for those artists, writers, and curators who want to develop their artistic practice further.


Residents at AiR Tilburg are guided by the overall mission of encouraging and facilitating an open-ended approach to the artistic process. A residency, creates space to work, experiment and produce with or without fixed outcomes. Your stay may include dedicated and bespoke mentoring too. The new developments may be shown in work in progress exhibitions, presented solo and/or talked about during conversations and screenings.

Artist in Residency Programme at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the Netherlands. Plan your stay as an artist, writer of curator and develop your artistic practice.


Residents reap the benefits from excellent facilities; a fantastic studio space and a comfortable fully furnished, en-suite room in an inspiring location. There is a well-stocked library, perfect workshop facilities, video equipment, office facilities, and a shared garden, kitchen and dining area. The studios are secure and accessible 24/7, having excellent natural light and are set in a lush town garden, offering secluded tranquility and an elevating stay.
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Artist in Residency Programme at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the Netherlands. Plan your stay as an artist, writer of curator and develop your artistic practice.