Alberto Maggini | Artist in residence


Alberto Maggini | Artist in Residence

Crocodile Tears Beauty Mask, Alberto Maggini
Alberto Maggini, Crocodile Tears Beauty Mask, a still image from the video performance, 2022

A.i.R. Tilburg

Alberto Maggini plans to bring a unique perspective to the residency that merges his scientific background with his extensive knowledge of ecology and botany. His research on the natural world and his exploration of the dichotomy between the natural and unnatural is informed by the cultural context of his upbringing in Italy, which combines Mediterranean beliefs, stories and myths within a strictly traditional, Catholic and patriarchal framework.

The materials which Maggini is using in his practice transport us to a domestic environment that is rife with symbolism. The bed sheets, tablecloths, and upholstery he often paints on are ways of reaffirming the “material” quality of these objects and their strong presence in the domestic settings that defined his upbringing.

During his residency at the SEA Foundation, he is interested in exploring the process of painting as much as its material quality. As he explains in his proposal, Maggini shares Giorgio Griffa’s vision for a “painting that represents nothing other than itself”. 

Alberto Maggini

Alberto Maggini is an Italian visual artist. He holds a BA in Biology, an MA in Botany and Restoration Ecology from Sapienza University in Rome and an MA in Fine Art from the Chelsea College of Arts.

Maggini’s ceramics, wearable sculptures and performative works reflect his background in biology and botany and his interest in queer ecologies, mythology and native identities. In his work, Maggini fuse scientific knowledge with popular mythology as a methodology that enables him to unpack the healing power of metamorphosis; the process of transformation that connects humans to nature. Through painting, sculpture, video and performance, he seeks new ways to use his body. Within the context of his practice, the body is seen as the fruit of the synthesis of nature and culture, and it holds the promise of liberation against societal confines and prejudiced ideologies.

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Wild Beauty, Alberto Maggini, SEA Foundation
Shoes for a Snake that wants to be a Zebra, Alberto Maggini, SEA Foundation
Why do you tear my from myself?, 2021, Alberto Maggini, SEA Foundation