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Alex Farrar

Date: November 2021
February 2022


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Alex Farrar’s practice is based on the artistic use of the exhibition form as a shared space in which to consider the feelingful ways that we embody social, political, environmental and economic worlds. His exhibitions are typically made from considered groupings of individual works, which he develops through an understanding of making processes employed in relationship to form and content. Recent projects have been made using social processes that foreground dialogue in an exhibition context.


For fold #03 on Happiness, Alex is holding open conversations with his friends and family on the subject of happiness, collecting notes on how they understand it, experience it and the role it plays in their lives.


Would you like to talk with the artist about Happiness, or share your own questions or experiences on the subject? You are warmly invited to email to set up a conversation.


Alex Farrar (Yeadon, UK, 1986) studied at Leeds College of Art (2006), Leeds Metropolitan University (2009), Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (2010), before completing a research fellowship at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam (2016).

Recent solo exhibitions include
‘56 risks, 55 risks transferred and three parts of three risks transferred and embroidered, surround the common cloth for the open embroidery workshop with matiz on silk, a rustic stitch, a water wheel, a Picasso, some Mexican motifs and a Yugoslavian tapestry’ at vaga, São Miguel, the Azores (2021);

‘Faltering, light under two screw holes, with 999 Red, shadows, screws and drilled holes, flushed, then glimmer over pieces of masking tape, with screws, drilled holes and Cherry Bomb’ at SE8 Gallery, London; (2019)

‘Fall, slump, drop on a bedside cabinet in water with behavioural residue (painted violet) and collapse, slide, bottom-out beside low on a bookshelf, with sag on a folding table and slip on a bedside cabinet -both- in water before behavioural residue (painted chartreuse), downswing under a broken curtain rail, and dip, crash, flat on a chest of drawers partially in water’ at Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2019)

‘Ecstatic, darkling with lofty, fumble, reverie, angst, bumble and grumble, lucid, limned with Rubin’s cornice and fifteen-odd semblable stumps’ at Dürst Britt & Mayhew, the Hague (2019).

Recent and forthcoming group exhibitions include ‘Raw’ at Rembrandt House Museum, Amsterdam (2021–2022); ‘Live from the Rijks – 150 Years of Artistic Practice’, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (2021), ‘Where we go it shall be’, Walk&Talk, in São Miguel, the Azores (2021) and ‘Im Frage’ at Valkhof Museum, Nijmegen (2020–2021).

Since 2014 he has published artists’ books under the 7.45 Books imprint.
Recent publications include ‘Sweat’ (2020) and ‘Wimper’ (2021), both receiving the student jury nomination for Best Dutch Book Design.

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