fold #03 on Happiness with Alex Farrar


fold #03 on Happiness with Alex Farrar

Fortune cookie side A&B     Images by Alex Farrar

01.12.2021 –



This project is part
of SEA Foundations’ longer-term
research on art and sustainability
in fold #03 on Happiness.



Notes on Happiness

I email T ‘Remember I told you about the on happiness project at SEA Foundation in Tilburg? How I was interested in producing an understanding of Happiness through a series of open conversation threads with friends and family. Would you like to do the first one with me?’

She responds the next day ‘I would love to. I hope I am not too grim.’


‘How do you know you are happy?’
‘Does “happiness” make you unhappy?’
‘Are we entitled to happiness?’

‘All things considered, how satisfied are you
with your life as-a-whole these days?’
‘When were you happiest?’
‘What was her earliest memory of being happy?’
‘What does happiness mean to you?’
‘How do you experience happiness?’
‘When was the last time you were happy?’
‘Do you have any questions about happiness?’


Project in progress, as part of fold #03 on Happiness, SEA Foundation’s research on art and sustainability.

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