Alexandra Duvekot

Alexandra Duvekot

The Plant Orchestra, installation and performances by Alexandra Duvekot

Date: 13.09 — 29.09
and radio programme

SEA Foundation
In addition to:
Incubate festival 2013


The Plant Orchestra

Alexandra Duvekot is a musician and an emerging artist who recently graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. During her work as a musician she started to focus on performance type works. Writing short poetry lyrics and music funnelled into composing performances and conceptual installations where sound is combined with language and visual art. Her work on stage creates an opportunity to build up different dimensions as well as experiment with projects where art, science and sound become one entity. Her work is best described as the work of an storyteller, an inventor, travelling between a created world and the actual space in which she performs.


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Her main goal is to transform a space into another world. Working with few elements, she invites the audience to look at things from a different perspective. On stage Alexandra Duvekot experiments with different ranges of media. This includes sculpture, video, performance and sound, the last being a fundamental aspect of her work. Recurring elements include scientific phenomena, sculptural-like installations, and experimental performance. Abstract situations are created in which the question arises: is this reality, invented reality, or fantasy? Do people need to believe in something to make it real? The plant Orchestra is an example par excellance.

Installation and Performance

For this installation the Plant orchestra, at Project Space Tilburg, Alexandra Duvekot collected ill plants with the Plant Ambulance, ‘Plantulance’ all around Tilburg. She intends to create a musical performance with these plants. Nurturing them while investigating their differences in behaviour. The members of the Plant Orchestra are the collected ill plants which the people of Tilburg donated to Plantulance, an ambulance for plants. From the start, when the plants come in they will be played music and sounds at on a 432Hz pitch. This way the artist can immediately start interacting with the plants. Meanwhile,Alexandra Duvekot is welcoming all their interaction and reactions to sound so she address each plant individually to be a member of the Plant Orchestra
The public performances, in which the artist interacts with the ill plants, on a 432 Hz pitch, is a musical voice composition in combination with tuned down sounds hooked op to the plants with sensors. The on-going research is a major part of Duvekot’s work. Therefore the artist herself will hold a lecture on the research of the sound of plants and the possibility of contact between human and plant at the onset of the performance.

Who knows?

It might be possible to hear the sound of plants in the future. The research will continue and Alexandra Duvekot will continue to immerse herself in both science and poetry as she plans to amplify a forest in the summer of 2014.

Radio Programme
Plant hits
18 and 19 September
8-9 pm
20 september
4-5 pm
21 and 22 September
2:30-3:30 pm