Anna Frost | Curator in Residence

Anna Frost | Curator in Residence

Anna Frost, Curator in Residence, SEA Foundation, Tilburg, Netherlands, 2019, Nomadic Research
EDITS, Montgomery Botanical Center, Miami, FL, Loney Abrams & Johnny Stanish, In collaboration with Pretty Days and BFI

AiR Tilburg

Research into nomadic practices

Artistic and cultural exchange has become increasingly nomadic and based on impact points in diverse and growing networks. The division of spaces to live in, work at and socially interact in has collapsed. This calls for new expanded formats that are adaptable to different purposes: hybrid spaces that fulfill the growing need for flexibility and mobility in physical as well as virtual formats. With this series of exhibitions, her residency at SEA Foundation becomes a test site for experimental spatial constellations and an expanded format that can adapt to a variety of situations, contexts, and purposes.

Anna Frost uses the central European location of SEA Foundation as a starting point for her research and travels, connecting existing knowledge of artist-led initiatives and multi-functional space with the local art scene in Scandinavia and Europe as well as her current base in California. Emerging artists and internationally acclaimed cross-disciplinary platforms will be visited and invited to collaborate and share information to create an idea for a hybrid space for living, practicing, and hosting a fluid exhibition format.


Central to the project are discussions about concepts around multi-functional space, ideas of the ideal home and the homestead. The exhibition series deal with how the purpose/usage inflects the spatial structure and the way space and art is perceived. Simultaneously the research aims to demonstrate how the spatial structure and the presentation of the art programs the usage of the space, giving it a purpose and influence how it’s perceived and used.

Her practice explores architecture as a networked technology. Today’s digital media platforms can be understood as sites of intersection between human and non-human materiality by which digital technology organizes the physical world through abstractions of networked capital beyond a human scale of comprehension. To counter this, her projects are often based within a smaller social setting, and strengthening the community is a central aspect of most of her projects.

Anna Frost

Anna Frost is a Danish curator based in Los Angeles. Her practice focuses on nomadic, multi-purpose and artist-initiated projects. Together with creative director Jordan Richman, she directs Atrium, a series of site-specific interventions in the iconic architecture of The Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Since 2016 she and collaborator Agnes Bolt have directed BLUE RUIN, a curatorial platform that subverts a traditional gallery context by presenting art exhibitions within the more precarious and shifting space of a home for sale. Between 2011 to 2017 she was co-director of the Danish exhibition space and production unit TOVES in Copenhagen.

During her residency at SEA Foundation, Anna Frost works on an extensive project of research that is accompanied by an exhibition series. Therefore Anna Frost continues her curatorial research into the material conditions of hybrid formats. The research will happen through trips, studio visits and site visits in three distinctive areas, where she plans and produces an exhibition in each location utilizing a space in an off site that is multi-purpose and artist-led.

Website: Anna Frost
Exhibition: Beast On Its Back
Project: Atrium 
Collective: BLUE RUIN
Exhibition space: TOVES

Anna Frost, Curator in Residence, SEA Foundation, My Shed Shaped Heart
Anna Frost, Curator in Residence, SEA Foundation, Pretty Days, Ed Shenk
Anna Frost, Curator in Residence, SEA Foundation, Astronaut