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Vogeltjes Annelies Verbeke, 2015 Tilt Residency
 ‘Vogeltjes’ is illustrated by Ivo van Leeuwen and the design is by Janine Hendriks, Kaftwerk, 2015

Date: 30.08.

Book launch
writer in residence
Tilt festival


De Nw Vorst
2 pm

Book launch



In March 2015 Annelies Verbeke took up residency for a week at the studio of SEA Foundation. Annelies Verbeke is ‘writer in residence’ of the 2015 edition of the Tilt literature Festival.

On  Thursday 12/3 from 4 to 6 pm, Annelies Verbeke will interview Trudy DeMuth at the University of Tilburg. In the evening she will give an introduction to a film about Jan Arends (by Jelle Nesna, 1997) at Cinecitta. Friday and Saturday she herself will read from her new novel THIRTY DAYS, accompanied by Lamin Kuyateh on the kora. later on she will interview Joke Van Leeuwen and assist Wim Helsen. And there are also a lot of other strong guests will complete the line up of the 2015 festival edition!

The ‘Tilt literature Festival’ in Tilburg, is a literary festival which combines the typical ‘Brabant atmosphere’, contributed to the population of Tilburg and its surrounding aria, and the love for books and literature. Each year a ‘writer of name’ is invited to stay for a week long residency in Tilburg to make a search for the soul of the city of Tilburg and write a short story about his or her’s encounters.

Annelies Verbeke (BE Dendermonde, 1976) is a Flemish writer. She studied Germanic languages at the University of Ghent and scriptwriting at the Rits in Brussels. Her screenplay Dogdreaming was selected for European Pitch Point in 2003, a screenplay competition at the Berlin Film Festival. In late 2003 she published her first novel, Sleep! Her work has won a number of awards, including the prestigious F. Bordewijk Prize in 2015, and published in 22 languages.

Annelies Verbeke became instantly famous with her successful first novel Slaap! (Sleep! 2003). The Dutch edition sold more than 70,000 copies and was published in eighteen countries. Her second novel, Reus (Giant, 2006), and her collection of short stories Groener gras (Greener Grass, 2007) attracted attention for her surprisingly unusual realism and lightly bizarre and absurd humour. Annelies Verbeke also writes columns, film scripts and plays.

The short story Annelies Verbeke as Writer in Residency wrote, about the soul and the ‘madness’ of Tilburg is launched on the 30 August 2015 entitled ‘Vogeltjes’.

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