Arja Kärkkäinen | Artist in Residence

Arja Kärkkäinen | Artist in Residence

 Arja Karkkainen, Tehtaidemme Unet / Sleeping Beauty Ind, 2020

Artist in Residence

Arja Kärkkäinen

Arja Kärkkäinen is a Helsinki based visual artist with a background in design. She graduated from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences as a fashion designer and the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki with a MA in sculpture. Kärkkäinen works mainly with moving images and sculpture but a variety of techniques play an important role in her work. Her current themes explore questions of involvement, structures of society and social life, often tinted with black humor. Kärkkäinen’s works have been presented internationally and in Finland, most recently in the Helsinki Art Museum Gallery and Helsinki Kunsthalle The Young Artists 2019. She has executed several public art pieces and participated in invitation competitions. Works in the public collection include Helsinki Art Museum and the Finnish National Gallery.


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