Art curators from Italy and Switzerland visit the Noord Brabant Region


Curatorial visiting programme | Curator group visit

Graphics by SEA Foundation

04. – 09.12.


Curators from
Italy and Switzerland getting to
know better art spaces, artists
and museums in the Noord Brabant
region of The Netherlands.

Lara Gaeta (IT)
Giacomo Galletti (CH)
Cristina Rota (IT)








Curator visiting programme

Inviting international curators to become familiar with the art scene in the Noord Brabant region in the Netherlands aims to increase the global visibility of contemporary art in Noord Brabant. In addition to visibility, we want to connect international curatorial voices to enhance artistic cooperation and support local-global relationships with artists, professionals, initiatives, and institutions. The network introductions with Switzerland and Italy (Piemonte and Lombardia) takes place in December 2022. This return visit has been a long time overdue due to Corona.

Lara Gaeta

Lara Gaeta is the director of aA29 Project Room in Milan, an artistic reality born in 2016, with double venues: Milan and Caserta. It supports artists working with different languages and pursuing social and political research that reflects the urgencies of contemporaneity, with particular attention to the environmental issue. aA29 supports research that is sensitive to ecological and environmental issues, which generate new possibilities for encounters and connections between living beings. In addition to managing the gallery in Milan and organizing contemporary art events promoted by aA29 in external spaces like foundations, nonprofits, museums, and universities Lara Gaeta scouts for emerging artists, both national and international, whose research is aligned with the mission of aA29. New collaborations may start with either a solo or a group exhibition. Lara Gaeta has been curating shows together with curator Rosa Cascone in Italy and Germany and she worked at Pirelli Hangar Bicocca Foundation in Milan.

Giacomo Galletti

Giacomo Galletti is a co-director Die Sonnestube artist run space based in Lugano Switzerland since 2015. Die Sonnestube was founded in 2013. It is an itinerant off-space in Lugano, that focuses on exhibiting contemporary art and sometimes stages music events. Occasionally a fanzine market is organised with limited editions and art magazines.

Giacomo Galletti graduated from Accademia di belle Arti di Urbino where he centered his thesis on Artist-run Spaces & Alternative Press 1960-1980. Apart from working as an independent curator and art printmaker, his research focuses on underground publishing phenomena as political, technical, and iconographic laboratories of autonomy. His practice is strongly based on DIY and DIT (do-it-together) knowledge and ethics. Giacomo Galletti was among the founders of the independent cultural center Spazio Morel in Lugano where he curated the exhibition program and the Faustine books library. In his print shop, together with artists, illustrators, and graphic designers, he produces art prints, posters, fanzines, and multiples in limited editions.

Cristina Rota

In case you have questions about residencies in Italy or would like to find out more about what the Northern region of Italy has to offer. Sign up for a visit by Cristina Rota. She is the residency coordinator at The Blank residency in Bergamo. The Blank was founded in 2010 and has established a very sturdy contemporary art network. The Blank aims to connect art organisations, businesses, collectors, and artists through various projects of significant artistic and cultural value. The residency operates in dialogues, by encouraging the development of the audiences, through activities such as exhibitions and publications, educational projects, residencies, and contributions to international exchanges.

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