SEA Foundation Tilburg The Netherlands, Home to Contemporary artProject Space Tilburg, at Gust van Dijk at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the NetherlandsSEA Foundation Project Space TilburgAiR-Tilburg, passage through the garden towards the studioSEA Foundation fold 2023


Stijn Peeters | Europäische Werte
27.08 — 08.10.2016
Exhibition. Collaborative project with Das Esszimmer Bonn Germany and SEA foundation Tilburg Netherlands, showing Stijn Peeters in a solo show
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Katerina Athanasopoulou
11.12 — 29.01.2016
The Architecture of Melancholy: Ruins
Resident from UK
Audio-visual installation at project Space Tilburg. The animated film Apodemy is expanded with two new chapters
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Risk Hazekamp
06.06 — 01.08.2015
There is Anarchy in our Midst
Exhibition. Risk Hazekamp latest works; Photography, drawings, video and sculpture. She aims for the viewer to reconstruct the story and let the works do the ‘talking’
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Ian Clemmer | Superflow
Claudia de la Torre | The Moulting Season
Paul Drissen | boogje boogje lijn lijn kleur vlak punt.