Art Rotterdam sections – by Marina Visic

Art Rotterdam 2017

Semâ Bekirovic, Stigter van Doesburg, Art Rotterdam 2017, SEA Foundation 2017
Stigter Van Doesburg | Semâ Bekirovic, The Radiance of Sensible Heat (02), 2016

Art Fair

Art Rotterdam 2017

Art Rotterdam is a renowned and surprisingly varied art fair. It focuses on the latest developments within contemporary art with a focus on young and emerging art. The 18th edition of this annual and versatile presentation of international, and, mostly recent, art attracted 26,500 art lovers and professionals from the Netherlands and abroad. Notable is the growing international focus; nearly half of the 125 galleries represented this year are from abroad, many of them UK based.


The diversity of Art Rotterdam shows in the wide variety of sections and exhibition models that structure and shape the event. They range from an intimate gallery presentation to monumental video art installations. 

For example the ‘New Art Section’, assembled by Curator Natasha Hoare from Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, where the youngest among the international galleries get to showcase their artists.

‘Projections’, the section of video art and film introduced to the fair in 2013, showed twelve videos on a large, five-meter-wide projection wall. To create a effective environment that offers the viewer to really concentrate on the works, each video was equipped with its own sound shower.

The exhibition ‘Prospects & Concepts’ took place in the old distribution centre of the Van Nelle Fabriek. This large area of 2,500 m housed works of 65 artists who received an incentive fund in 2015 by the Mondriaan Fund. This year’s edition was put together by Stijn Huijts, artistic director of the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht. In agreement with the artists he made a selection from the work of all who participated, resulting yet in another strong presentation with great variety in disciplines.

Bram Braam, Frank Taal Galerie, Art Rotterdam, SEA Foundation 2017
Frank Taal Galerie | Bram Braam
Anouk De Clercq, Galerie Sofie van de Velde, Art-Rotterdam 2017, SEA Foundation 2017
Galerie Sofie van de Velde | Anouk De Clercq
Martijn Schuppen, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Art Rotterdam 2017, SEA Foundation 2017
Galerie Roger Katwijk | Martijn Schuppers
Zoro Feigl, C&H Galler, Art Rotterdam 2017, SEA Foundation 2017
C&H Gallery | Zoro Feigl
Jaime Pitarch, The Ryder Projects, Art Rotterdam 2017, SEA Foundation 2017
The Ryder Projects | Jaime Pitarch
Prospects & Concepts, Theodora Kotsi Felici, Art Rotterdam 2017, SEA Foundation 2017
Prospects & Concepts | Theodora Kotsi-Felici