Open Call | sea_youhere 2020

Open Call | sea_youhere 2.0 #artandsustainability

virtual residency sea_youhere at SEA Foundation Tilburg


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Please Note

This Open Call is closed.
Applications were
accepted until 15 October 2020

Open Call


The sea_youhere is a research project and a Virtual Vitrine that showcases art projects, experiments, and concepts from all over the world. In 2020, SEA Foundation aims to promote 12 outstanding practices (one each month) in the proxy space by posting to Facebook, Instagram, and via our website and newsletters. Read more


This is the second edition of sea_youhere and this program is themed ‘art and sustainability’. With this theme, we provide a common ground for several individuals working in various media and disciplines while honoring their differences in culture, experience, and perspective. By choosing a theme, we intend to generate ideas along with additional lines of inquiry and creative interdisciplinary problem solving that are manifest today.

We are currently facing a climate crisis, depletion of resources, extinction of species, and social and political uncertainties. We invite artists, activists, designers, architects, and collectives to share their exemplary projects and discuss ideas on art and sustainability with a broader audience.

What does it mean to have a sustainable practice? What is the accountability towards ideas/objects we spread into the world? Sustainability can be viewed from different angles – ecological, social justice, non-violence, grassroots democracy, economic. Sustainable art may be understood as art that is produced with consideration for the wider impact and its reception in relationship to its environments social, economic, biophysical, historical, and cultural.

How to send us your application

You must have an active website, active Facebook, and an active Instagram account.

  • Only digital submission forms
  • English is the preferred language
  • Add CV (max. 3 pages) & artist statement
  • Add max. 3 projects
  • Duos/collectives: one form per group


The button saves the submission form in Word format to your pc.

Complete the form and save it as .pdf
Send the completed form together with your CV to
Subject line: firstname_surname_syh2020`

Applications that are not using the designated application form are not accepted.

roots1 image sea_youhere 2.0
roots1 image sea_youhere 2.0, virtual residency SEA Foundation Tilburg
roots1 image sea_youhere 2.0, virtual residency SEA Foundation Tilburg