Artist in Residence

The AiR Tilburg Residency programme is geared towards artists who seek advancement, development or reorientation in their artistic practice. Artists are offered time and space for production or for research such as recalibrating or reprioritising urgency. The majority of residents at SEA Foundation are selected from Open Calls. Some of the residents are invited, whereas others are nominated from within our network.

Residency programme

Production: The artist studio is not fixed to disciplines. It is well-equipped with hand tools and materials in support of the artistic process. When needed there are specialized, discipline-driven workshops in the immediate vicinity, where support can be sought for a specific production.

Research-based: With the artistic practice at heart, the research process is nourished in dialogue with the input of theoretical and practical expertise from SEA Foundation team members. Research is complemented with the encouragement to write about the artistic process to deepen reflective skills.

Flexible residency: Artists may stay for a short flexible exploratory residency for up to one month. In these flexible residencies, we facilitate network building.

AiR-Plugin: In addition to space and time, artists can be offered a development trajectory for up to two years in which we follow the artistic processes with great care. In support of practice development, we facilitate input such as studio visits, mentoring and peer learning.

Grants and Stipends

Depending on the available funds, and within the scope of the Open Call for on-site residencies, SEA Foundation offers some fully-funded and some stipended residencies to applicants. These awards may include all or one of the following: free live/work studio accommodation, mentoring, weekly stipend, travel costs, production costs including technical assistance. In addition, SEA Foundation may cover the costs of a public event, exhibition or the production of an artist’s book. Preceding the residency, SEA Foundation assists with finding funds to cover remaining costs.

Information for Residents

Prepare for your stay at AiR Tilburg
Residency preparations
When you come well prepared, you’ll enjoy your Artist in Residency and dedicated work time at SEA foundation even more.
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House Rules – AiR Tilburg
House rules
House rules for AiR Tilburg residents. Good to know what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. Read the house rules before applying for a Residency.
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FAQ for AiR Tilburg residents
If you have a question regarding the residency program or the application procedure, there’s a good chance you will find the answer here.
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Current & Previous Residents

Exhibition by Kristine, Alberto, Cecilia
with Kristine White, Alberto Maggini, Cecilia Casabona
The group exhibition at SEA Foundation is presenting the work of artists in residence Kristine White and Alberto Maggini, together with the artwork of Cecilia Casabona, an Italian artist based in the Netherlands who was invited to join the exhibition.
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Kristine White | artist in residence
Kristine White
January – February 2023
Kristine White is an audio producer, editor, and visual artist who is interested in exploring themes such as queerness, ecology, and land-based art practices.
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Alberto Maggini | artist in residence
Alberto Maggini
February – March 2023
Maggini’s ceramics, wearable sculptures and performative works reflect his background in biology and botany and his interest in queer ecologies, mythology and native identities.
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Hertta Kiiski | Artist in Residence
Resident from Finland
September 2022
Hertta Kiiski imagines an alternative past or future. Her work addresses complex relationships with the planet.
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Jaclyn Mednicov | Artist in Residence
Resident from United States
July – September 2021
Jaclyn Mednicov is an American artist who draws inspiration from everything that grows, blooms and decays in her garden.
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Tudor Bratu & Willem de Haan | with The Balcony
Collaborative research-based residency
August – November 2021
Artists Tudor Bratu and Willem de Haan collaborate on the invitation of SEA Foundation and The Balcony (Den Haag) by conducting their research towards ‘Commons’.
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