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Artist in Residence – Bram Braam

Overview Mobile, site specific installation Bram Braam taking space, 2014
Bram Braam, How long is now? Transition of structures, 2014.


Bram Braam

Bram Braam (1980) is born and raised in the Netherlands, but currently lives and works in Berlin. His work consists of sculptures and installations, inspired by modern architecture, constructivism, Bauhaus and De Stijl.


Berlin has been a leading factor within this exhibition. Braam describes it as a city that has been subjected to change throughout its entire history, in which the title of the shown installation – Transition of structures – applies to quite literally. Combining materials, and in this case especially actual pictures from wall textures in Berlin, he tends to create contrasts between the old and the new, the rough and the smooth, and together an agglomeration of textures is being created.

Inspiration for change

The architectural installation How long is now? Transition of structures will be transformed continuously. The installation will change in form in subsequent phases of the project in successive exhibitions. Construction and parts of the installation will organically change in the course of time, as exhibition location will differ.

How long is now? Transition of structures

Inspiration for the installation was drawn from “Metabolism”, an architectural movement that sprang up in the 1960s in Japan. As its biological name suggests, the movement contends that buildings and cities should be designed in the same organic way that life grows and changes by repeating metabolism. The movement was actually a response to the static post war western architecture. The Metabolists concentrated on hope for a dynamic architectural and city development, allowing for simultaneous movements parallel to the evolution of modern society. The ideas of metabolism and a city being an organic organism are united to one concept of a city that is not changing in a linear way but is transforming continuously in an organic way.

Bram Braam graduated from AKV|St.Joost in 2009. His work got nominated for the Lucas Prize (Den Bosch) in 2009 and he won the Jung Art Prize (Berlin, together with Chris Bierl) in 2011.

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Artist in residence, Bram Braam, Netherlands, SEA Foundation 2107
Bram Braam, Artist In Residence, Netherlands, SEA Foundation 2017
Bram Braam, Netherlands, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017