On a yearly basis, two fellowships are available. Fellowships are awarded to outstanding project proposals. Only admitted residents can be awarded a fellowship. Applications for a fellowship are eligible if your annual income is less than 3/4 of the average wage before income tax in your country of origin.

Each fellowship is adapted to fit the duration of the resident’s project proposal. In addition to comfortable on-site accommodation and a well-equipped studio, fellows receive € 200,- per week when in residence and € 1500, – production costs in connection with an exhibition at Project Space Tilburg, for a co-production in a space elsewhere, or for the production of an artist’s book.

The costs that aren’t covered by the fellowship are
Traveling expenses, a
pplication fee, costs for a visa in case of non-EU citizenship, health and liability insurance

Benefits of a fellowship

  • Granted live-work/studio up to a maximum of € 8645,-
  • A research grant of € 200,- per week
  • A production budget of € 1500,-
  • Mentoring & training up to 4 hours per week
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast
  • Use of the shared kitchen & common rooms
  • Use of workshop and equipment
  • Use of art-related library
  • Interaction with (local) peers & residents
  • Office & PR facilities
  • Bike on loan

Self-funding or co-funding

Some limited self-funding places in the residency program are available each year. These residencies, with a duration for up to 6 weeks, can be applied for on a rolling basis. An application processing fee of 30 euro applies. The admittance procedure may take up to 8 weeks.

SEA Foundation assists admitted applicants by writing official letters of invitation that are intended to facilitate the funding process.

If you have funding, part funding or co-funding and contemplate applying for a residency in the Netherlands, please contact the residency coordinator with your questions.

Costs for self-funding

These are the weekly costs for the year 2019.
* 580 euro per week (single)
* 695 euro per week (resident and assistant or partner)
The fee includes all the benefits, excluding the stipend and the production budget. The self-funded residents pay for their travel, visa costs, insurances and personal expenses. Costs for services like mentoring (additional) mentoring, technical assistance or materials used on a pay as you go basis. Contact the residency coordinator with your budget questions.