The Artist in Residence (AiR) Netherlands programme at SEA Foundation offers a unique opportunity and environment. It provides time and space for research, experimentation, production, and professional advancement.

The international residency programme is located in the Dutch city of Tilburg and welcomes artists, curators, and writers. We invite emerging, mid-career and established practitioners from any art-related discipline. Cross-discipline practices and duo practices are also welcome.


Within the scope of SEA Foundation’s international and multifaceted identity lay interesting networking opportunities with, amongst others, regional renowned institutions, small initiatives, and peers. Residents are encouraged to participate in SEA Foundation activities and connect with the local art scene.

Candidate residents

We seek candidates who envision a solid plan for development and who are willing to participate within the rhythm that propels our artist-led organisation. The SEA Foundation residency programme attracts residents by invitation and nomination. In addition, prospective candidates for a residency may apply through our Open Calls.


Born from the urgency to look after each other and the need to take care of our organisation, SEA Foundation considers collaborations of utmost importance. We are drivers for artists’ self-organization and deeply value care and reciprocity. 

Bespoke mentoring

Residents at AiR Tilburg The Netherlands enter an experimental, studious process and receive dedicated support for up to 4 hours a week. These hours for peer-learning will be planned in agreement between the resident, team members and the local art community.

We believe that dialogue through sharing ideas during talks with artists, art critics, curators, and peers is of utmost importance. We incorporate visits and guidance of curators and a visiting program to the residency. In addition mentors, like certified MMS and NLP coaches can be consulted by the resident.

Sea Foundation Artist in residence programm Tilburg, The Netherlands


The costs of a working period at SEA Foundation consist of basic fees and variable costs. The use of the live/work studio, for example, is a fixed fee per week, while the costs for materials and external workshops depend entirely on the type of work being done.

€670,- per week for a single resident
€790,- per week for a resident + assistant or partner
VAT 9% is incl.


In addition to the basic fees, 4 months in advance, we request a deposit of €450. The deposit, minus costs for cleaning, additional materials and repairs, shall be returned within two weeks after the residency is completed. In case of cancellations, you forfeit your place in the programme and the deposit will not be returned.

Grants and stipends

Preceding the residency we provide a letter of invitation upon request as we always encourage admitted residents to apply for additional funding. SEA Foundation is not a grantmaking organisation.


We accept self-funded applications on a rolling basis. Prospective residents who have been awarded funding in their home country, for example for production, practice development or a residency, are encouraged to apply. Prior to applying, please contact the residency coordinator for a self-funded application form.

Current residents

Sanne Kabalt | artist in residence

Previous residents