AiR Tilburg Netherlands residence program offers a unique environment, providing time and space for research, experimentation and professional advancement. A residency at AiR Tilburg is an excellent opportunity to push your professional practice forward. Every year, the residency programme facilitates 8 – 10 professional artists, curators and writers in all stages of their careers. The residency can be aimed at research as well as production.

Excellent facilities

Residents reap the benefits from bespoke mentoring and good facilities like a fantastic studio/living space, complemented by private bathroom facilities, a shared fully functional kitchen, and communal dining. The studios are secure, set in a private, lush garden and are accessible 24/7. They have fabulous natural light conditions and offer seclusion and tranquillity.

Dedicated mentoring

Having an experimental quality, SEA Foundation’s residency programme includes bespoke mentoring on a ‘mix and match’ basis to suit individual requirements. Residents receive dedicated support from mentors and trainers. Each step and each stage of discovery could be shared and reflected upon. Residents are encouraged to address frontiers, let go of expectations and make discoveries, as these are the key elements of artistic development.


Up to 3 months according to the needs and necessity of the proposed project. The residency is open all year but no new residents arrive in August and December.


Operating actively in an (inter)national network and within the scope of SEA Foundation’s multifaceted identity, lay interesting networking opportunities. For example with renowned institutions, small initiatives and individual artists, researchers, and curators. Explore partnerships, enter a conversation or discover other forms of collaborations. AiR Tilburg Netherlands functions as a meeting place for dialogue and exchange, and invites to connect. Residents may join SEA Foundation activities and events, through which they are introduced to the local art scene of Tilburg and Noord-Brabant.

International Partnerships Transartis, ResArtist, Artsy (institutions), NADA and Independent Curators International


Each year there are a limited number of self-funded residencies available. If you have funding, partial-funding or co-funding, and contemplate on applying for a residency in the Netherlands, please contact the residency coordinator. An application and a 30 euro processing fee is applicable. The juried admittance procedure may take up to 8 weeks.

Fees for the self-funding program (2019)
€ 580,- per week (single)
€ 695,- per week (resident and assistant or partner)

Sea Foundation Artist in residence programm Tilburg, The Netherlands

SEA Fellowships

Freedom of artistic expression and inclusive cultural dialogue are fundamental to any society. To advance these values, fellowships and stipends are awarded to selected residents. The fellowships are meant to cover the majority of the residency costs.

The Dutch fund for the arts – Mondriaan Fund – offers funding for residencies at AiR Tilburg to Dutch nationals and/or residents in the Netherlands. Artists apply here. Curators and intermediaries apply here.

Artist in Residency Programme at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the Netherlands. Plan your stay as an artist, writer of curator and develop your artistic practice.

Open Calls

Once a year we announce an Open Call. Artists, curators, and writers in all stages of their career are encouraged to apply. In order to be eligible, we require a project proposal. Applicants must be over 25 years and may come from different cultural and geographic backgrounds. We are open to applications from professional emerging and-or established practitioners. Duo’s may also apply. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate families.

The Open Call for 2019/2020 program is closed

Artist in Residency Programme at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the Netherlands. Plan your stay as an artist, writer of curator and develop your artistic practice.

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