Book list fold #05 on Awakening


Recommended reading fold #05 on Awakening

reading list for fold #05 on Awakening
Recommended reading on Awakening 2022
Photo credits: SEA Foundation

August – November 2022

This recommended reading
list is part of SEA Foundations’
art and sustainability program
in fold #05 on Awakening

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Publications on Awakening

For fold #05 on Awakening, our ambassador, Brazilian artist Pedro Hurpia, has selected publications that have connections to his artistic practice and to the fold’s theme: Awakening.

Selected reading list

Berardi, Francesco. Futurability: The Age of Impotence and the Horizon of Possibility. Publisher Verso, 2017

Krenak, Ailton. Ideas to Postpone the End of the World. Translated by Anthony Doyle. House of Anansi Press, 2020.

Mancuso, Stefano. Plant Revolution – How Plants Have Already Invented Our Future. Atria Books, 2018.

Valk, Ülo. Sävborg, Daniel.  eds. Storied and Supernatural Places – Studies in Spatial and Social Dimensions of Folklore and Sagas. Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, 2018.

Viveiros de Castro, Eduardo. Danowski, Déborah. The Ends of the World. Polity Press, UK, 2016.

Viveiros de Castro, Eduardo. Cosmological Perspectivism in Amazonia and elsewhere. Four Lectures given in the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge, UK, 1998.

Additional reading

Cadena, Marisol de la, and Mario Blaser, ed. A world of many worlds. Duke University Press, 2018.

Finbog, Liisa-Ravna, ed. Čatnosat: The Sámi Pavillon: Indigenous Art, Knowledge and Sovereignty. Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA), 2022.

Horvat, Srećko. After the apocalypse. Polity, 2021.

Kastner, Jeffrey, ed. Nature. Whitechapel Gallery, 2012.

Spieker, Sven, ed. Destruction. Whitechapel Gallery : The MIT Press, 2017.

Viveiros de Castro, Eduardo. The relative native: essays on indigenous conceptual world. HAU Books, 2015.

Santillan, Oscar, e.a. The Andean Information Age. 2021.

Tsing, Anna Lowenhaupt. The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins. New paperback printing, Princeton University Press, 2021.

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