Caz Egelie | Playlist on Spirit


Caz Egelie | Playlist on Spirit

Caz Egelie A generous cook in a greasy kitchen 2023 image by Almichael Fraay for webpost sea foundation
Caz Egelie, A generous cook in a greasy kitchen
Image by Almichael Fraay, 2023




This playlist is part of SEA Foundation’s long-term programme on art and sustainability. The work is part of a series of commissioned works and as such linked to the Epilogue in fold #08 on Spirit.


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Caz Egelie
a.k.a. menu menu
Playlist on Spirit

“In putting together this playlist I’ve been looking for the songs and sounds that make me move and make me feel as if I’m being overtaken by something – like when you’re cooking a delicious dish; you’re riled up and super competitive; [a bite]; you’re seeing the curtain of the theater rise; [a great idea in the studio while chewing]; [- a tasty spoonful!]; you’re starring in a video game!; you’re trying on the zeitgeist!; you, changing character any second!”.

You simply are


Caz Egelie a.k.a. menu menu is an artist, curator, and art educator. They create installations, performances, two-dimensional works, and videos. In their multi-disciplinary body of work, the visual vocabulary of the works is combined with a conceptual approach and appetite for theatre and performativity. By referring to art history and its artists and taking on unusual ways of production and presentation, Caz Egelie plays a game with real and fake, fact and fiction, reproduction, and ‘the artist’s signature’. Defying categorizations, Caz engages in institutional critique from the position of the jester, resulting in what one could call ‘institutional jest’. Caz Egelie has shown at, amongst other places, Lustwarande Tilburg, PINK Manchester, CENTRALE Brussels (BE), Palais de Tokyo Paris (FR), Centraal Museum Utrecht (NL), Siao-Long Cultural Park (TW) and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL). In 2024 they expect to complete their Re:master Opera at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam

Website: Caz Egelie
Instagram Caz Egelie

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Caz Egelie a.k.a. Menu Menu DJ set at Nieuw Dakota By Hessel Stuut, 2023
Caz Egelie The Prompter 2022 performance at Lustwarande Tilburg_by Gert Jan van Rooij
Caz Egelie aka Menu Menu DJ set in Skorradalur Iceland by Joeri Bosma, 2023