Reading On Solidarity I with Charlotte Jarvis


Reading fold I. with Charlotte Jarvis

In Posse, photo by Hanneke Wetzer
In Posse, Charlotte Jarvis, photo by Hanneke Wetzer

7:00 – 8:00 pm CEST
online and on-site

This reading group event is part
of SEA Foundations’ longer-term
research of art and sustainability
fold #07 on Solidarity

The event is free of charge,
organised by artists and volunteers
of the SEA Foundation.

Moderated by Michaela Davidova


The first reading in fold #07 on Solidarity is scheduled for the last Thursday of May 25th with artist and lecturer Charlotte Jarvis. Together, we will read the text Baroque technopatriarchy: reproduction written by Paul B. Preciado and published by the international magazine Artforum. As Charlotte Jarvis is based in London, she will join the reading session online. The Dutch-based readers are welcome to visit our location in Tilburg, Tivolistraat 22, for on-site reading.

Baroque technopatriarchy: reproduction

Baroque literally means irregularly shaped. In the text of Paul B. Preciado, the baroque refers to the way the bodies are shaped in the power systems of production and reproduction – sexual, social, and cultural. Preciado argues that reproduction is in fact the most crucial dimension of contemporary power because it directly connects to life.

“Life in the most basic sense, as defined by many different communities of knowledge, is a system that can sustain and reproduce itself.” 

Power structures have always controlled who and how (we) can reproduce, either directly or indirectly. Preciado suggests that in order to shift and initiate change, it is necessary to denaturalize reproduction and redefine the terms such as masculinity, family, and nation-states. He calls for more equitable ways of governing reproductive materials.

In relation to the questions of solidarity and how it relates to reproduction, we are thinking along the systems of solidarity as a radical response to the exercise of domination and power. Like attraction and repulsion, solidarity directly pulls in and away as an opposite pole on the magnet.

Paul B. Preciado

Paul B. Preciado is a philosopher, a curator, and a transgender activist. He was a curator of Public Programs of Documenta 14 (Kassel/Athens) and a writer-in-residence at the LUMA Foundation, Arles, France. His work relates to identity, gender, pornography, architecture and sexuality.

He has been teaching political history of the body, gender theory and history of performance at Université Paris VIII and he was the director of the Independent Studies Program of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona.

Charlotte Jarvis

Charlotte Jarvis is an artist and lecturer working at the intersection of art and science. Her practice often utilises living cells and DNA: she has recorded music onto DNA, seen her heart beat outside of her body and she is currently making the world’s first “female” semen. Her work explores the body as a liminal space – a site for transformation, hybridisation and magic. 

Jarvis makes large-scale multimedia installations and performances for international solo and group shows. She has been a resident artist at a number of institutions, including the European Bioinformatics Institute, The British Council in Argentina and the Hubrecht Institute. Currently, she is a Research Tutor at The Royal College of Art, London. Jarvis won the BAD Award in 2012, and the Alternate Realities commission in 2021.

Charlotte Jarvis website


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