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Civil Society Exchange | Partnering with Turkey

Civil Society Program, Partnering SEA Foundation and Kaos GL
Civil Society Exchange Program 2020 / 2021



Following opening meetings (online) our collaboration on residency exchanges will take shape from October 2020 – October 2021


International Collaboration

Kaos GL + SEA Foundation

We are aware that we belong to a wider social community and believe that working together empowers all of us. In connection to this, we are proud to announce that our partnerships with Turkish LGBTQ+ organization Kaos GL are a fact as of October 2020. We are working together to develop our individual professional qualities with learning strategies. This involve online and offline elements and focuses on residencies in a civil society capacity building project. The project is supported by the Mercator Stiftung. Ankara based Kaos GL and SEA Foundation collaboratively applied to be admitted to a program using a model for capacity building that was developed by the Center for Civil Society Studies at Istanbul Bilgi University and Berlin-based MitOst. The model aims to strengthen our capacities by providing physical and virtual mobility and space for mutual learning. The model we are using supports both our organizations to explore, share and multiply good practices. The Civil Society Exchange program runs its third cycle.

Intercultural learning

Kaos GL and SEA Foundation’s proposal on capacity building was selected out of many applications. We join with 8 other European organizations the 2020/2021 Civil Society Exchange Program. In the coming months, we collaborate with the Ankara-based LGBTQ+ organization to strengthen our organizational capacities. We are excited to see what mutual discussions can bring to our future. Intercultural learning is meant to occur on two levels in the program. The first one is the organizational level in the scope of the program goals, residencies, networking, and fundraising. The second one is on the individual competencies of the participants. Through this cross-border cooperation, we will gain a clear overview of the context of each other’s situation as well as and the socio-political culture we operate in. This raises our sense of solidarity.

Civil Society Exchange

Civil Society Exchange is a collaboration project between the Center for Civil Society Studies at Istanbul Bilgi University and MitOst e.V. to support civil society organizations and civil initiatives in Turkey and Europe through cross-border cooperation. The project encourages civil society organizations to form and foster partnerships across Turkey and Europe to learn from each other.

Kaos GL

Our partner in dialogue is Kaos GL which is the first official registered LGBTI+ association in Turkey. Kaos GL works across four main programs focusing on human rights, refugee rights, academic and cultural studies, and media and communication. Simultaneously Kaos GL organizes contemporary art exhibitions and established an international Artist in Residence in Ankara, that is open to applications from all around the world to promote queer art production artistic expression on queer socio-politics.

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