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Claudia de La Torre

Farbe Lexicon, reworked book, installation, 2011

Date: 06.09 – 23-09.
Opening reception
in honour of the artist
Thursday 6 September
7-9 pm


SEA Foundation
in collaboration
with Back Bone Books
An addition to
Incubate festival 2012


Claudia de la Torre – BBB

Claudia de la Torre (1982) is an artist born in Mexico City, she studied at State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe and runs the independent publishing house Back Bone Books (BBB). This self-publishing project was founded 2011 as part of her artistic practice. It started because of the need the artist felt to publish her own work, which is based and/or often takes the form of a book.
Claudia de la Torre’s interest
 in found material comes from the fact she has been fed a love for collecting and rearranging by her father. He owned a large collection of stamps and old paper sales receipts. The artist spend hours together with het father arranging and rearranging his collection. Claudia de la Torre: “It feels like being a DJ, sampling from every place just to do my own mix. In the act of putting things back together, one can re-imagine them and be surprised by unexpected juxtapositions that bring new meanings. The work Headshot shots just came from my collection, while Ten (unknown) gasoline stations images comes from a website with a purpose of getting information about images people upload”. After the residency a selection of 15 of Claudia de La Torre’s recent works are on show.

Other events in connection with this residency and exhibition are:
Book launch
The Moulting Seasons
Claudia de La Torre
artist book:
06.09.2012 at 4:00 pm.

Artist talk
Back Bone Books
Claudia de la Torre

Sunday16 September 2012
at 3pm

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