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Claudia de la Torre - New York Art Book Fair

SEA Foundation Artist in residence programm Tilburg, The Netherlands
Claudia de la Torre at work.

10 September 2018
by Marijn Dekker


Claudia de la Torre

Back Bone Books at NYABF 2018




NYABF Art Book Fair

Claudia de la Torre, who was a resident in 2013, has recently won the Shannon Michael Cane Award. This is a prize for emerging artists’s book publishing houses. The 2018 Shannon Michael Cane Award is in memory of Shannon Michael Cane, who was a curator and editor. He was the founder of the queer art and culture zine They Shoot Homos Don’t They?, and the fairs and editions curator for Printed Matter, a New York nonprofit devoted to the collection and distribution of artists’ books and ephemera. The Shannon Michael Cane Award was award in 2018 to four emerging artists/publishers. As a recipient, Claudia de la Torre exhibits at the New York Art Book Fair (NYABF) from 20-23 September 2018 with Back Bone Books and receives a stipendium.

Claudia de la Torre founded the Berlin-based Back Bone Books in 2011, a ‘self-publishing house’ for her artist books, to formalize her own practice and publish other artists’ books. Back Bone Books aims to distribute, edit and share small artist book editions, zines, and printed matter.

Claudia de la Torre has produced diverse works since 2009, making use of books as a medium to question issues that have to do with appropriation, classification and homogenization of knowledge.

Artists’ Books

Artists’ books are a versatile medium and have become not just for visual artists but for artists of disciplines, an important way of communicating about their practices. So much in fact, with us in the Netherlands that the Dutch Mondriaan Fund has created an opportunity for funding the participation of Dutch ‘art’ publishing houses and art organisations to dedicated artists’ book fairs, with the goal of improving the international position of Dutch artists’ books and Dutch art in general.

SEA Foundation has supported the development of many artists’ books by her previous residents. More information about these books and their respective projects can be found in our archive, and some of these exclusive publications, that were made in small editions can still be bought in our shop.

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SEA Foundation Artist in residence programm Tilburg, The Netherlands
SEA Foundation Artist in residence programm Tilburg, The Netherlands
SEA Foundation Artist in residence programm Tilburg, The Netherlands