Group Exhibition | The Cloud in Rapids

Transformation from knowledge to bits

Damon Zuccioni, Interpolated Sequence, 2016, SEA Foundation 2017

Damon Zuccioni “Interpolated Sequence”, 2016

Date: 19.05 — 19.06

Opening reception
Friday 19 May 7 pm
in the presence
of most of the participating artists



SEA Foundation






The Cloud in Rapids:

SEA Foundation presents a group show where artists explore the growing technology and it’s effect on society. Participating artists are Janet Chan (AU), Simon Denny (NZ), Jonas Lund (SE), SangJun Yoo (KR), Junsheng Zhou (CN) and Damon Zucconi (USA).

The exhibition sheds light on the continuous transformation our society is undergoing in terms of technology and data. The abundance of new developments is unstoppable. It’s not the question anymore ‘if’ we participate, but rather how. Whether it’s the rise of social media and the sharing economy, or working from a cloud environment with a smart device. All aspects of live are becoming increasingly connected, but at what price? Each development poses new questions, that force us to reapproach existing moral and legal views.

These advancements have their effect on art-making. More and more artists are feeding off the frictions and new conditions that these new developments create. In the group show ‘The Cloud in Rapids’, five artists of both emerging and established, share their approach and view on ‘big data’.

Janet Chan (AU)
Janet Chan researches questions relating to surveillance and control through the use of data and technology. Throughout the process, she uses her experience as a criminologist and her interests in jurisdiction, sociology and the social organisation of creativity.

Simon Denny (NZ)
Simon Denny is an artist of high repute with a core interest in data. He looks at the way technological developments influence our experiential world and insights. His work varies from installations to prints and objects. Denny exhibited during the 56th Biennale of Venice in 2015 and had a solo show at the Serpentine Sackler gallery in London that same year.

Jonas Lund (SE)

Jonas Lund is a Swedish artist that creates paintings, sculpture, photography, websites and performances that critically reflects on contemporary networked systems and technological innovations.

Junsheng Zhou (CN)
Junsheng Zhou is a young photographer, fresh from the Jan van Eyck academy. He sees photography as a medium for tekst and installations. In his new work, he takes interval photographs of a space and it’s occupants. These images are archived and processed in big sheets of paper that resemble a grid of data.

Damon Zucconi (US)
Damon Zucconi – also a Van Eyck alumnus- uses custom made software and scripts to create his work. He uses elements such as vision, literacy and pattern recognition to emphasize our perceptual experience.

SangJun Yoo (KR)
SangJun Yoo engages in an experiment with data, retrieved from his own body. Monitoring the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of his sleep. The data is collected and, together with the algorithms that originate, forms the base of his installation at SEA Foundation.

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The Cloud in Rapids installation view SangJun Yoo installation
The Cloud in Rapids store front, Exhibition at Project Space Tilburg, SEA Foundation 2017
Jonas Lund, The Cloud in Rapids, Installation view, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017