It seems to be that there is always commotion in the ‘art market’, for example on  the sheer amounts of money paid for works of art. For an artist who brings out his works in the open it is reassuring to know that there is a “loving” audience. But it is also a necessity that there are art lovers who want to buy art and add them to a collection.

Art is the ultimate personal statement. First of all because it is an expression of the maker and secondly because of a person who owns it and who puts it on display. The bond between artist, artwork and collector is a very important one to acknowledge. In this course we immerse ourselves into the phenomenon of art collecting. We shed light on the case by clarifying the importance from the viewpoints of all involved: the artist, the gallerist, the collector and others.

The course ‘Collecting art, where to start? is a great onset of departure for everyone who connects with collecting art. Besides the theoretical lessons about what we could call the rules of the game, and defining the playing field of art selling and buying, we also include an additional opt in for a few organized gatherings and visits. If you love the world of art and art collecting, and want to dive in, contact us now.


Collecting art, where to start?’, is SEA Foundation’s first course on collecting. The course will offer you a better overview of the whole process of collecting art in 5 successive e-course lessons:

1. What is it that you love about buying art?
Configuring your passion and preferences.

2. Where do you source pieces to buy?
How to map your market place.

3. Gathering background about art and
the artists. How to get in the ‘know’?

4. How to draw up a collection plan.
From passion to interest, to goals.

5. Talking prices. How prices are produced and
how to deal with them.

“It gives more drive to your passion, as soon as you begin to get a decent feel for where your passions and interests lie.”

The course will take out the randomness of buying and will give you a better understanding of how the art market operates. This new e-course will become available in February 2018.

Price: € 68,=

In addition, this course will give you an opportunity to opt in for some international meet-ups during large contemporary art events coming up next season. When enlisted, you will receive invitations separately.


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