Stichting SEA Foundation,
Tivolistraat 22,
5017 HP Tilburg, The Netherlands


Bank: ING Netherlands
IBAN: NL86 INGB 000 00275 72
VAT.: NL802661737 BO1
Not for profit reg.: NL 41098005


Our public programme is free to visit for all. Exhibitions are open to visitors Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1 – 5 pm. The residency studios and the library be visited by appointment only. Please ring the bell when you arrive.

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Michaela Davidova, Nienke Coers, Annika Medin, Sarah Neutkens, Marina Menéndez-Pidal, Julia Fidder, Scienthya Elona, Bella Khadiullina, Munifa Shabo, Xenia Tsompanidou and Joris Robben.

A huge thank you to our previous team members. Because of your dedication and contributions SEA Foundation became what we are now, Melissa Verheijen, Fay van Blitterswijk, Jinhye LeeLotte Egtberts, Jeroen Aarts, Marieke Folkers, Marijn Dekker, Sheng Jie Snow, Kim Steinmann, Amy Althuizen, and Marina Visic.


Jan-Willem van Rijnberk, Riet van Gerven and Martje Ingenhoven

Work at SEA Foundation
Workplace (Antwerp). Artist collective workplace, exhibition installation view. Exhibition at SEA Foundation. Including works by: Agnes-Nagygyörgy-Freija-Van-Esbroeck-Philippe-Robeyns-Bert-Timmermans-Filip-Van-Kerckhoven
Mila Lanfermeijer, Discursive Event on the selection of source materials and other sources of inspiration. SEA Foundation Tilburg