Hester van Tongerlo | Copy Paste

Copy Paste Artist’s Book

Copy Paste, First artist's book Hester van Tongerlo 2016, SEA Foundation 2016
Hester van Tongerlo, Copy Paste, Artist’s publication 2016

Book launch

Copy Paste

The exhibition publication Copy Paste is Hester van Tongerlo’s (1991) first publication. It is the result, and made within the scope of development, of her residency and solo exhibition at SEA Foundation Tilburg.

Whilst focussing on the notion of identity, Hester questions who she is, what defines her and how her surroundings reflect or form her identity. But also how we see our surroundings and how our own experiences are projected onto others.

The publication shows some of the works that are on view in the exhibition Copy Paste, but also the development Hester went trough during her residency and other, earlier works. This way the publication gives us an insight into Hester’s line of reasoning – let’s call it her identity – and the way she views and focusses on the notion of identity.

The book launch took place on December 11 2016, during the opening of the exhibition. The exhibition is on view until December 18 2016.

Author: Hester van Tongerlo
Pages: 26
Size: 21,5 x 15 cm | 8.3” x 5.9”
Edition: 20, signed and numbered.
Publisher: self published

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