Costin Chioreanu | Playlist on Spirit


Costin Chioreanu | Playlist on Spirit

Costin Chioreanu, artist, 2023
Costin Chioreanu, Spirit, 2023







This playlist is part of SEA Foundation’s long-term programme on art and sustainability. The work is part of a series of commissioned works and as such linked to the Epilogue in fold #08 on Spirit.


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Costin Chioreanu
Playlist on Spirit

This playlist exclusively features music composed by Costin Chioreanu, either independently or in collaboration with other musicians. Each track is thematically linked to a distinct aspect of “Spirit.” The sequence of the songs is arranged and even the order imparts insights into the progression of one’s perception of the notion of “Spirit.” It unfolds like a narrative, starting from the innocence of childhood, journeying through the discovery of self-awareness, navigating life’s trials, advancing towards detachment, confronting mortality, and ultimately culminating in renewal and rebirth.


Costin Chioreanu’s artistic activities delve deeply into existence, where the complex threads of evolution intertwine to tell a story that encompasses private, personal, and public. Whether expressed through a visual medium or music, Chioreanu’s creative research serves as a conduit to the supernatural realm.

Reflection of Spirit

Costin Chioreanu perceives life as a manifestation of spirit in this dimension, a vessel in which the resonant vibrations of the universe find a voice in alternative forms. In his perspective, the body of the creative individual is a bridge between dimensions, channeling the messages of the universe into tangible, translatable forms. Every act of creation, according to him, is evidence of our intrinsic connection to the universe.

Chioreanu’s body of work therefore serves as a profound reflection of spirit, whether through his direct communion with it, the unyielding pursuit of fresh perspectives on its understanding, the deep dive into its hidden depths, the dream of merging with it, or the tireless effort to grasp its elusive nature. From his perspective, the spirit dwells at the very core of existence, an unseen vigour coursing through the very substance of all things, breathing life and meaning into every facet of being.



Costin Chioreanu is a Romanian graphic designer, illustrator, musician, composer, and video artist. Fueled by a passion for heavy metal music, he developed his practice into illustrating music, starting with his own releases. Holding degrees in Graphic Design from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, he became a go-to figure for music illustration. Since then, he has been covering all types of expression regarding music illustration, from covers, posters, and merchandise design to filmed or animated videos, live DVDs, or full concert screenings. Some of his more renowned collaborators are Ghost, Jethro Tull, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Darkthrone, Napalm Death, Arcturus, Ulver, Enslaved, Triptykon, Decide, Mayhem, My Dying Bride, Wardruna, Paradise Lost, Psychotic Waltz and many others.

Costin Chioreanu takes heavy metal artwork to a deeper level and exhibits regularly featuring personal projects, in which the themes and concepts emerging from metal music are interlaced with philosophical analysis. He has collaborated with artists like Attila Csihar (Mayhem), David Tibet (Current 93), Mirai Kawashima (Sigh), Sofia Sarri, and Rune Eriksen (Vltimas).

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Costin Chioreanu, Self Discovery, 2020, acrylic on canvas
Costin Chioreanu, Connections, 2015, mixed media
Costin Chioreanu, Dissonance, 2022, mixedmedia