Efrat Zehavi The Last March

Screening The Last March

Efrat Zehavi, The Last March, 2011. part of solo exhibition The Museum of Subjective Sience at SEA Foundation, Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Still, The Last March, 2011, Efrat Zehavi as part of The Museum of Subjective Science

Date: 20.04
at 4 pm
for the duration
of the exhibition
Friday & Saturday
3 pm and 4 pm



The Last March

This afternoon’s screening of Efrat Zehavi ‘s latest animation, specially created for the show The museum of Subjective Science will take place at SEA Foundation. In the stop motion film, The last March (2011) chaos is presented in a box and as memories of a long lost relative. The Last March is an effort of Efrat Zehavi to try to classify memories into a meaningful personal story. After examination the formless mess that came in the box Zehavi started to regroup the broken sculptures and did some reconstruction. She is searching for a way and a new new approach to classify the sculptures and stages them in a parade as troop members that stetting out on a new venture.

“One day, unexpectedly, a mysterious box arrived from an old friend from a far away land. On first sight the content of the box seems to be very disappointing. But after a deeper look and some research, a meaningful story reveals itself”

The Last march 2011, stop motion animation
Duration: 11.46 min
Story, sculptures & Animaton: Efrat Zehavi
Voice over: Efrat Zehavi
Music and Sound design Johan van der Vloet
Animation Edit: Marieke WIjnen
Story editing: Heleen Schroder
Post Production services: Soundgram Post
An 2011 Efrat Zehavi stop motion animation


Venue: SEA Foundation Project Space
Website Efrat Zehavi