Efrat Zehavi

Efrat Zehavi

Efrat Zehavi Museum of Subjective Science
Efart Zehavi, Self-portrait with back bird 2011

Date: 16.09 — 09.10
Opening reception
15 September
19:00 – 21:00
the artist is present


Introduction by
Nick J. Swarth,
poet, writer and performer

The Museum of Subjective Science

To look into the world of Efrat Zehavi (1974 Haifa) is to peek over the edge of both fantasy and reality. Her colorful images start where words end namely with bodily experience. She says; “I work intuitively rather than rationally. In my work I imagine emotions I just cannot express, I literally try to capture the impressions of feelings contemplations of sensations when touched”. These are extremely important issues which according to the artist say something special about the nature of man. Therefore Efrat Zehavi has given each sculpture a sensory skin by working as a painter. The sparkling exhibition of painting and sculpture with its vivid narrative images can be seen in at Sea’s Project Space Tilburg at Gust van Dijk until 9 October 2011.

“I recognized some of the figures from her past – they were her family and friends, her lovers and acquaintances. These broken objects were her memories, her fears, her dreams her longings…”
The animation movie ‘THE LAST MARCH’ is the first public presentation of Efrat Zehavi’s Museum of Subjective Science. The world premiere of this animated movie takes place at the opening of the exhibition, at Sea’s Project Space Tilburg.

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