Enrico Floriddia | Curator in residence


Enrico Floriddia | Artist in residence

Enrico Floriddia, Bildungsroman
Courtesy of the artist

AIR Tilburg

Enrico Floriddia

Enrico Floriddia (Sicily 1984) is currently a Ph.D. researcher at ESACM Clermont-Ferrand (FR). He has a background in modern literature, architecture and photography. For a considerable amount of time his practice has been related to books; inviting people to write, read, make and stack books. His research has taken him in many ways and all over the world. For example, he joined the collective project Zines of the zone, a nomadic collection of self-published books and zines related to photography, which travelled throughout the European continent in 2014 during which ZNZN met local artists, organised book-exhibitions, and shared Do-it-Yourself practices as means of economical, social and political emancipation. Since 2019 he is also part of Fully Funded Residencies, a platform for knowledge distribution in the art field

His practice sits in displacement; it leans towards relational works, offers situations of common knowledge building, tenders invitations to contexts of idleness, uplifts kinships. Reciprocity, equity and agency are his constant preoccupations. Floriddia has been a resident at multiple art institutions, such as Achterhaus in Hamburg, Germany (2020), PARADISE AIR in Matsudo, Japan (as part of the collective bi- in 2019), Kunsthalle Exnergasse and philomena+ in Vienna, Austria (2019) and Viafarini in Milan, Italy (in the framework of the ENGAGE programme in 2017).

Floriddia dreams of a pirate library built through collective readings. biblioteca pirata is an attempt to collectively build knowledge, an ongoing practice in which texts are activated and disseminated through collective readings where each book is carefully scrutinised. The library aims at being constituted by common, rare, deviated, pirated, hacked, childish and corrupted books.

Website: Enrico Floriddia
Website: Fully Funded Residencies

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