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Stijn Peeters Chios Idomeni 1824-2016
Stijn Peeters, Chios Idomeni 1824-2016, 325 x 300 cm acrylics on canvas, 2016

Date: 27.08 — 08.10

Opening reception
27 August
7 – 9 pm
in the presence of
the artist

Introduction by
Riet van Gerven
curator SEA Foundation


SEA Foundation
production in
collaboration with
Das Esszimmer
Bonn, Germany

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Europaesche Werte

Stijn Peeters shows new paintings and works on paper from the Chios-Idomeni 1824 – 2016 series in combination with works from his ‘Grandes Machines” and linocuts. Stijn Peeters: Art for me is the way in which I can involve myself with issues I deem of importance and why it is necessary for the individual to speak out and use his or her democratic right to do so. With this statement Stijn Peeters refers to his own struggles under the changing conditions in the Netherlands, where populism threatens the freedom of expression and suggests that the cultural and intellectual elite is located outside of society.


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Stijn Peeters is fascinated by 19th-century French painting especially the ‘grande genre’, which is the Champions League of painting. Large scale works with overpowering imagery of historical facts or metaphors for references to classical texts. The mix of history and the contemporary labeled these enormous paintings ‘Grandes Machines’. They were aimed at playing a role in the public debate when they were presented during the fashionable Parisian art salons. Chios-Idomeni is a painting from Eugene Delacroix, his second large work and presented in the salon in 1824 it refers to 11 April 1822, when the Ottomans attacked the isle of Chios because of Greek rebellion against the Turks. The campaign resulted in the deaths of twenty thousand citizens, and the forced deportation into slavery of almost all the surviving seventy thousand inhabitants. 

Stijn Peeters: I saw links in the invasion of Iraq, the ideological wars between the West and the East, the Orient. This fascination with the Orient in the 19th century, as an environment where one could express one’s longing for freedom, in every imaginable way. And the recent fear of (radical) Islam as a major threat to our way of life, the liberties we value. These opposing views triggered my imagination. The large work 300 x 325 cm, Chios Idomeni 1814-2016, is painted with acrylic paint on unstretched canvas. It shows – like in a frieze, suffering characters, military might, ornate and colourful costumes, terror, disease and death, in front of a scene of widespread desolation.

In addition to large-scale works on show at Europaeische Werte, Stijn Peeters furthers his publication project ‘Ezel’, of which there are currently 4 editions. The ‘Ezel’ (English translation ‘Donkey’ or painter’s ‘Easel’) editions are Stijn Peeters’s artist-diaries in which he processes his analogous archives; letters, transcripts, telephone notes, books, noteworthy newspapers cuttings and other media of the non-digitalized world. The original drawings of Ezel edition No.3, which actually deals with Stijn Peeters’s ‘Grandes Machines’ fascination, will also be on exhibited.

An Artist book titled 10.000 has been produced by Stijn Peeters to commemorate his solo show Eurpaeische Werte. 10.000 refers to the announcement made by Europol on 30 January 2016 that at least 10,000 unaccompanied child refugees have disappeared after arriving in Europe. The plight of unaccompanied child refugees has emerged as one of the most pressing issues in the migrant crisis. The drawings in the artist book 10.000 were made in preparation for the Chios-Idomeni 1824 -2016 painting.

Stijn Peeters

Stijn Peeters lives and works in Eindhoven (NL). His artistic practice includes since his beginnings at the Royal Academie for art and Design ’s Hertogenbosch (NL) and Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht (NL) mainly drawings and paintings . – To that he says: The movement made by my hand supports my thinking. I store information better and it helps with analyzing what I have seen and experience and to internalize it. A bit later painting joined in too, always being nevertheless closely related to the sign, with regard to its gesture.

His works have been presented in various solo and group exhibitions, predominantly in the Netherlands. In 1992 he received the Philip Morris Prize. His works are in private and public collections, amongst others, Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo and Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven.


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Ezel Publications

Stijn Peeters
Autobiografische studie van een kunstenaarsleven
Ezel No. 1 (third edition)
Ezel No. 2 (second edition)
Ezel No. 3 (themed Grandes Machines”)
Ezel No. 4

Each publication
Pages: 24 pg – selfcover
Product dimensions: 28 x 20 cm
Print: Manual Riso print two colours
Edition, 250 ex.
Price: € 15, – (excluded postage)
Printed at Jan Van Eijck – Charles Nijpels Lab
Available in the shop.

10.000 artist book

Accompanying Europaeische Werte
by Stijn Peeters
Pages: 24 pg – self-cover
Product dimensions: 20,5 x 14,5 cm
Paper: Muncken paper
Print: Manual Riso print black
Edition, 50 ex.
Price: € 15, – (excluded postage)
Printed at Wobbyclub Tilburg
Available in the shop.
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Stijn Peeters, Europeasche Werte. Exhibition at Das Esszimmer, Bonn, 2016. Exhibition view. Collaboration project between Das Esszimmer and SEA Foundation
Stijn Peeters, Europeasche Werte. Exhibition at Das Esszimmer, Bonn, 2016. Exhibition view. Collaboration project between Das Esszimmer and SEA Foundation
Stijn Peeters, Europeasche Werte. Exhibition at Das Esszimmer, Bonn, 2016. Exhibition view. Collaboration project between Das Esszimmer and SEA Foundation