Ester Segarra artist talk

Ester Segarra

Artist talk with Ester Segarra at SEA Foundation, Tilburg, the Netherlands. Image by Ester Segarra.
Electric Wizzard image by Ester Segarra

Date: 20.04.2011
at 4 pm
Walter Hoeijmakers
Ester Segarra

A SEA Foundation
in collaboration with:
Roadburn festival 2011



Artist talk Ester Segarra

This afternoon photographer Ester Segarra talks with Walter Hoeijmakers, artistic director Roadburn festival, about her solo exhibition at SEA Foundation, Beyond the Road
Ester Segara’s solo exhibition shows mainly portraits and the title has been taken from her work related to bands and musicians that are featured in the Roadburn Festival niche. Walter Hoeijmakers will ask Ester Segarra about her approach to portrait photography, her life and what Roadburn means to her.
All are welcome.

Venue: SEA Foundation Project Space
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