Freja Niemann Lundrup | Artist in Residence

Freja Niemann Lundrup | Artist in Residence

Freja Niemann Lundrup Artist in Residence
Freja Niemann Lundrup, Ømpunkts-isolering-amputering, marble, 2018

Artist in Residence


Freja Niemann Lundrup

SEA Foundation welcomes the Danish artist Freja Niemann Lundrup as our resident in the second half of 2019. Freja Niemann Lundrup’s practice visualizes how psychological processes can be stored and remain in the body’s memory. Haptic interactions and physical crafting process are at the centre of her working method. She sculpts new works using materials like stone, resin and polyester. The artist aims to shape to ‘the body inside the body’. She addresses the affective, non-visible part of corporeal life. The residency at SEA Foundation is focused specifically on the part connected to trauma, horror and ‘The Unheimlich’.

Body as shell

The artist’s inspiration is the relation between the physical being in a physical world, and mental processes: “We are all equipped with a body; we live in our ‘shell’ and experience our surroundings through this body. It is our mind that compares ourselves to the bodies around us, to what we imagine they contain, and to how we imagine they handle their life. Experiences in life are absorbed in our body and mind. The non-tangible matters influences our being.”

Mind, body, memory

Freja Niemann Lundrup materialises the sensitive, receptive and affective dimension of our body. The philosophical background of the sculptures appeals to current tendencies in cultural theory and neurophilosophy regarding the connection between mind and body, and the place memory takes in.

Freja Niemann Lundrup
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