Freja Niemann Lundrup | Making the Unseen Seen

Freja Niemann Lundrup | Making the Unseen Seen

Exhibiton image Making the Unseen Seen by Freja Niemann Lundrup, image by Peter Cox

15.12. – 25.01.


Opening reception
and book launch
3 – 5 pm
in the presence
of the artist


The exhibition is
accompanied by
a publication

Freja Niemann Lundrup

Making the Unseen Seen is an exhibition by Freja Niemann Lundrup. The Danish sculptor’s practice gives form to how certain psychological processes can be stored and remain in our body’s memory. Corporeality and the physical crafting process are at the center of her art practice. 

Affect becomes form

“We are physical beings in a physical world, but contrary to that, most of what’s going on is going on in our brains. We are all equipped with a body, we live in our ‘shell’ and experience the surroundings through that. It is our brain that compares ourselves to the bodies around us, and that what we imagine they contain and how we imagine they handle their life. Experiences in life are absorbed in our body and mind, and the non-tangible matters influence us. They are inherently part of us and therefore transform us. Through my work, I embody the sensitive, receptive, and affective dimension of our body. Affect becomes form”

Sculptural Installation

The exhibition pictures the inner experienced body – connected to trauma, horror, and “The Unheimlich”. It is a sculptural installation, consisting of stone and resin pieces, aiming to show experience from the inside by giving shape to the body ‘without a body’ and to ‘the body inside the body’,

Freja Niemann Lundrups’ sculptures can be interpreted as outer shapes, of the unshaped inside, based on the quote “Things done to the body, stay in the body”. The experiences“ in the body” are added to the unit and become a part of the whole. Things are done to ‘the body of the stone’ stay there as well. The shape created in the solid material becomes a picture of the body in its entirety: not only shown as an exterior body but also as the inside.


The publication has 54 pages and has been reprinted in collaboration with Vera Meulendijks. The Artists’ book will be launched on 15 December at 3:30 pm.

Sculpting and Outside for the Inside Text by Marieke Folkers
Artist Instagram: Freja Niemann Lundrup
Artist book in our webshop

The project is generously supported by
Gerhard Hennings Legat, Statens Kunstfond, Mondriaanfonds & Kulturudviklingspuljen Aarhus

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