Norbert Attard & VanGerven|VanRijnberk

Norbert Attard & VanGerven|VanRijnberk

Gallery overview, ‘Iedereen Genk Tilburg je bent er’, Canary in a Coalmine 2012

Date: 16.06 — 29.07

15 June
19:00 – 21:00
in the presence
of the artists


Music performance
Jula Aimee (singer songwriter)
accompanied by
Gijs Batelaan (guitar)


A SEA Foundation
Part of
Manifesta 9 Parallel Events,

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Iedereen Genk Tilburg je bent er

The exhibition “Iedereen Genk Tilburg je bent er” offers visitors the opportunity to explore the connections in the work of the artists collaborating in SKYrocket project, to further illustrate their work and to put a spotlight on Manifesta 9. Norbert Attard, Riet van Gerven and Jan-Willem van Rijnberk met in the end of 2011 in Malta. This meeting, which kicked off from the lively interest in each other’s work and artist practice, was the starting point for developing a contribution to Manifesta.

Dutch Tilburg based artists VanGerven|VanRijnberk collaborate with Norbert Francis Attard from Malta in the project SKYrocket. This project, which illuminates the elevator tower of the former coal mine Waterschei in Genk, Belgium is part of Manifesta 9 Parallel Events. The exhibition focuses on the project SKYrocket, the inspiring location of the Waterschei mine as well as presenting a preview on Manifesta 9 Genk.

The exhibiton ‘Iedereen Genk Tilburg je bent er’ is a project exhibition visualising that through research and artistic production quite a few other works derived from the SKYrocket collaboration.

Tilburg – Genk

“Iedereen-Genkt Tilburg je bent er” are the two slogans of the two towns that are to be forged together in this exhibition. Both towns just about 75 km apart, have an industrial past. For one coal, the other textiles, both cities lost their industries in the eighties of last century. These cities share more than you may think at first sight. This summer, from 2 June to 30 September 2012, the ninth edition of Manifesta is on show at the former Waterschei Mine.

Explore how SKYrocket came to light and eventually was selected for the Manifesta 9 Parallel Events. Deriving from this flow of collaboration, inspired by the talks and the visits to the former Waterschei mine in Genk, even more work was produced. Now this connection between Genk and Tilburg is on show in “Everybody Genks, Tilburg you are here!”.