Hi Jack

Hi Jack

Hi Jack, Dustin Erickson 2011, SEA Foundation 2011
Hi Jack, movie still, Dustin Erickson 2011

Date: 14 December

SEA Foundation
Screening and
conversation programme

Screening #2
Hi Jack

Directed by
Dustin Erickson
3.58 mins

Venue: SEA Foundation
Start: 9 pm
Doors open: 8:45 pm
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An evening of artist’s films

The SEA Foundation Screenings are complimentary to the Artists in Residence programme. SEA Foundation opens its creative dynamic community to artists who create an independent body of work. The residency is an opportunity for artists to add fresh ideas into their studio practice or project. We provide the space in which to work and, perhaps most importantly, a community of like-minded peers with whom to share and discuss ideas, the very essence of collaboration. in this light we encourage the artists to converse and reflect upon their practice in conversations and screenings. 

For her residency at SEA Foundation Hester van Tongerlo invites peers and public to a film programme on two consecutive Wednesdays. The outcome of the residency will be shown in the exhibition Copy Paste which is accompanied by signed and numbered artist’s Book (ed. 20)

Screening #2

Wednesday 14 December 2016
“Hi Jack” short film by Fourrest and directed by Dustin Erickson, 2011
will be one of the selected short films and artist movies


If identity can be stretched and copied, is it still an individual identity? Whilst reading the book Situations Matter: Understanding How Context Transforms Your World (2012), by Sam Sommers, Hestervan Tongerlo asks herself if it is correct to assume that what we think is the truth, really is the truth – the ‘what you see is what you get’-mentality.

“Hi Jack” – is a gritty, absurdist tale of identity and how easily it can be lost. One of the short films selected for this programme of artist films and video works on the subject of identity. Others in the programme are; VALIE EXPORT (Auto portrait mit camera, 1966-67), Shirin Neshat, Women without smiles (smiles without sound) made by a Timur Bazarov in 2012, based on the work of Shririn Nashat,  Stefan Sulzer (Untitled, (Nature, Man God) 2016), Karina Beumer, Interview with Philip the painting and the compelling work of Mona Hatoum, Measures of Disatnce (1988), After the conversation, if there is some time is left, you will be invited to play the well known card game “Memory”.

Exhibition Copy Paste

This screening is part of events accompanying the exhibition Copy Paste

Opening reception and book launch Sunday December 11 2016
3 to 5 pm, in honor of the artist

The exhibition Copy Paste is accompanied by
Artist’s Book signed and numbered (ed. 20)

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Wednesday 7 December 2016
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