House rules for AiR residents

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A varied set of rules found on the internet when Googleling ‘Houserules’, VG|VR 2018


Safety is always important. Therefore we would like to ask our residents to follow these guidelines during their residency:

  1. Take good care of keys entrusted to you.
  2. Please always keep the front door locked.
  3. In case of emergency call 112.
  4. In case of lesser issues call 0900-8844.
  5. In case of a fire alarm, please proceed to the exits in a calm and orderly fashion.
  6. In case of problems, defects or breakages please notify the staff immediately.

House rules


During your stay

You are entrusted with a workshop/studio and living quarters. You are expected to take responsibility for keeping equipment in working order and to hand the studio back in the state you received it.

Pets are not allowed.

Alcohol abuse or use of drugs result in the immediate termination of your residency.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all buildings. Smoking in the garden is allowed. Please do not throw cigarette buds on the ground, dispose of them in the grey bin in the garden.

It’s your responsibility to take care of the bike entrusted to you. It should always be locked up and preferably be locked to a fixture. Punctures and repairs need to be paid for by the resident.

SEA Foundation engages in using materials sparingly and reducing waste.

The wastewater is treated in a water treatment plant. So please never discharge paints and fluids that harm aquatic organisms into the drain.

Waste, like paper, glass, plastic, organic waste must be sorted for recycling. Please put them in the corresponding containers and follow the guidelines.

Clean-up after yourself when you have used the kitchen.

It’s not an obligation to join the evening dinner but it’s appreciated if you do.

Contact the residency coordinator before using the laundry facilities.

Guests of residents are welcome after consultation with the residency coordinator and the reception must be notified of their arrival.

Finances & Agreement

After the confirmation of your residency, you will receive a request from SEA Foundation indicating the deposit. Payment should be made no later than 15 days from the date of the invoice.

If you are unable to attend the residency, please inform the residency Coordinator of your cancellation immediately.
Applicants who cancel lose their place in the residence program.

When you decide to become a resident, an agreement of collaboration will be affected. This agreement states all the details concerning your stay, working period, the policies of the academy, and mutual rights and duties. Once you have signed this agreement your working period at SEA Foundation can start.


During the residency SEA Foundation is not liable for any damages, or accidents to the residents whatshowever. Nor is SEA Foundation liable for alleged errors or advice in any case. SEA foundation takes no responsibility for loss of property belonging to the resident.

SEA Foundation strongly advises all residents to take out suitable heath, travel and liability insurance and requires proof of health insurance at check in.