Ian Clemmer & Martin Stebbing

Ian Clemmer & Martin Stebbing

Installation and screening Clemmer and Stebbing at Project Space Tilburg
Installation and screening Superflow, Clemmer and Stebbing, 2013

02.11 – 17.11

Installation and
Opening reception
2 November
7 – 9 pm


SEA Foundation
in collaboration with
Playgrounds Festival 2013



Clemmer + Stebbing: Superflow

Martin Stebbing, Denmark 1975, and Ian Clemmer, United States 1985, approach visual realities in a contemporary style. They create striking digital artwork in motion by working with innovative as well as exclusively developed technology and techniques in combination with custom software. At first architectural rendering had been the main focus of Martin Stebbing, later Motion graphics and visuals became more the focal point. He has now been working with 3D visualization for three years and his videos and animations are the most contemporary aesthetic experiences you can imagine. Geometric grids, organic elements, figures and objects are being manipulated, generated and/or decomposed, to create a physical and virtual space of their own.

After exploring photography and digital art Ian Clemmer became interested in design and visual arts. When studying Design and Computer at the Fachhochschule Darmstadt in 2006 and discovered the powers of 3D visualization. In 2010 he graduated and wrote his thesis on the theory of ‘Superflow’. This audio-visual journey into the world of digital harmony is a creation of unique geometric design which he studied in detail and made visible in motion.


As a duo Stebbing and Clemmer join forces in W33 and use the qualities of their designing skills together with computer knowledge, and state of the art rendering techniques to create visual effects for the entertainment industry. In the years to come they aim to further explore the art of storytelling. Berlin based artists Clemmer and Stebbing starting working together in 2012 and have a distinctive and unique style of 3D animation.

Accompanied to the exhibition, a screening is organized
The Theory of Superflow
on the hour during the exhibition


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Ian Clemmer Martin Stebbing Netherlands, SEA Foundation 2017
Martin Stebbing Ian Clemmer Netherlands, SEA Foundation 2017
Netherlands Ian Clemmer Martin Stebbing, SEA Foundation 2017