Iben Bach Elmstrøm | Visiting program

Iben Bach Elmstrøm | Curator visiting program

Iben Bach Elmstrøm, Curator visiting program, June 2018 SEA Foundation, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Drag Kings, Phantoms, Mirrors, Hands (one hundred years of dis/appearances) with Bini Adamczak, Kader Attia, Kerstin Honeit and Michala Paludan 25.11.2017 – 27.01.2018

AiR Tilburg

Iben Bach Elmstrøm

Iben Bach Elmstrøm is an independent curator, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She holds an MFA in Curating from Goldsmiths University (2014). She is one of the founding directors of SixtyEight Art Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Elmstrøm is working with a range of contemporary art and curatorial projects concerning the interplay between aesthetic dimensions, conceptual potentials and political imaginary and questioning. Iben Bach Elmstrøm is the director of SixtyEight Art Institute, an artistic and curatorial research organization looking to develop exchanges between artists and curators. Recently she curated the exhibition ‘The emperor is Naked’ at Waiting Room in Minneapolis (2017) and ‘Exchanging Money for Workspace’ at SixtyEight Art Institute in Copenhagen. Amongst other exhibitions, Iben Bach Elmstrøm curated Ars Memoria, a solo show by Danish artist Helene Nymann at ‘The Round Tower’ – a historic star observatory from 1642 in Copenhagen.

SixtyEight Art Institute

SixtyEight Art Institute is a non-profit art institute which creates opportunities for emerging artistists and curatorial talents to imagine and present new exhibition-making possibilities, and question how these can intersect with other institutions and organisations. The institute is dedicated to strengthening the independent and practical approach to artistic production through its programme and the events at our a space for contemporary art in the centre of Copenhagen. The institute dedicates one or two months of its annual programme to exhibitions planned by external curators and artists, which are supplemented by a public programme, seminars and publications with peers and scholars connected to the research topics and agendas in the exhibition programme

SEA Foundation invited Iben Bach Elmstrøm to introduce her to the vibrant North Brabant contemporary visual arts scene. Her counter visit to SEA foundation is of a reciprocal nature and it is filled with visits to artist studios, institutions, and cultural events. This visit is intended as a seed for future collaborative projects including both SEA Foundation and SixtyEight Art Institute.

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SixtyEight Art Institute Copenhagen Curator Visiting Program Netherlands
SixtyEight Art Institute Copenhagen Denmark Curator Visiting Program Netherlands SEA foundation,
ToIben Bach Elmstrøm Visiting program Onder optie 2, SEA Foundation, Tilburg, The Netherlands, Denmark
Onder optie 2 Iben Bach Elmstrøm, Visiting program SEA Foundation, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Art SEA Foundation, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Art SEA Foundation, Tilburg, The Netherlands