(im)pressing process | Zine publication


(im)pressing process | Zine publication

 Zine preparation with Yulia Protsyshyn, Yael Keijzer and Evelien van der Peijl round the table at SEA Foundation. Photo: Chikako Watanabe

June – July 2022

The zine will be presented
at LocHal, Tilburg
in the event programme
of From the Battlefield,
curated by Maria Vtorushina.

Zine presentation
and artist talk
19:30 hrs
Facebook event


The zine publication is part
of SEA Foundation’s longer-term
research on art and sustainability
in fold #04 on No hurry.


About (im)pressing process

(im)pressing process is a result of a collaboration between Yulia Protsyshyn, Chikako Watanabe, Evelien van der Peijl and Yael Keijzer, set up through SEA Foundation, Tilburg. The zine joins the theme of No hurry, one of the twelve folds from SEA Foundation’s programme on art and sustainability. In its own way, each fold contributes possible perspectives for art and life in the future.

Pressing matters

Making a collaborative zine is a typical No hurry method. For instance, we did not start out as a collective. This means there is no preconceived idea of what we could or wanted to put together. Therefore, there is a certain acceptance that has to come into play in such a spontaneous collaboration. How do you accept what comes to you, how do you go with the flow? Also, how do you plan or make agreements with people you meet as strangers?

The title ‘(im)pressing process’ is attributed to raise urgency for the situation of war in Ukraine. Pressing has an ambiguous definition, yet the motion of pressing – putting weight on matter – puts forward a univocal meaning. It is initiated by Ukranian graphic artist Yulia Protsyshyn, emergency resident of SEA Foundation as of March 2022. Importantly, the project serves as fuel for awareness, besides artistic production.

Chikako Watanabe

Chikako Watanabe is a visual artist whose practice revolves around local communication. The purpose of her projects is to stimulate social interaction and create new communication opportunities for people within modern society. Specifically, small questions and curiosity for daily life are her primary inspiration. Website

Yulia Protsyshyn

Yulia Protsyshyn is a graphic artist. She is committed to structural composition with visual integrity and strategic vision. Through combining several textures in constructions, every layer has a narrative. In this way, she wants to open up a fictional space where one can freely associate and be immersed. Website

Evelien van der Peijl

Evelien van der Peijl works on the fine line between graphic design and illustration. With an interest in history, she works a lot with archive material accessible online. Moreover, she is fascinated by the drive of humans to record history and themselves. Her style can be described as maximalism, and reflects ideas from many influences. Website

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