Irene de Boer | Playlist on Spirit


Irene de Boer | Playlist on Spirit

Irene de Boer, The neighbors Sakamoto, 70-years old, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, analogue photograph, 2023
Irene de Boer, The neighbors Sakamoto, 70 years old, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, 2023
Analogue photograph




This playlist is part of SEA Foundation’s long-term programme on art and sustainability. The work is part of a series of commissioned works and as such linked to the Epilogue in fold #08 on Spirit.


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Irene de Boer
Playlist on Spirit

“My playlist for ‘Spirit’ consists of various encounters with frequencies and unexpected but synchronized connections.
These vary from radio frequencies, crickets communicating, the local towns’ chimes, and mostly human encounters. I chose to treat and approach the theme of ‘Spirit as analogue as possible, recording valuable existing sounds like the Japanese town alarm (chime) and treating them as an environmental spirit. These spirits are calling their inhabitants, either to wake them up or tell them to make their way home. This makes people aware of time and place whilst also confirming that everything is in order (or perhaps creating the illusion of this message). Spirit for me, is about showcasing the importance and awareness of encounters between human connections and unseen sounds, frequencies, or energy. By picking up signals, and confirming that connection from (at least) two sides spirit can be encountered.

I experienced the magic of making such encounters in both rural Japan and the Islands of Marquencsas on Monday the 13th of November 2023, through radio frequency, morse code, an 18-meter-long antenna, willpower, coffee, and an unplanned friendship.”

Playlist content:

0001 – shichoson bosai gyosei musen hoso (the chime/japan c) courtesy of the government of Japan
0002 – the last night of summer heat/ the chime that never arrived, Irene de Boer, 2023
0003 – ‘Marquensas Monday’, Irene de Boer and the Neighbours Sakamoto, 2023
0004 – ‘the goal is to succeed to connect|’, song: Wild Rose (Heidenröslein, Wolfgang von Goethe) courtesy of the government of Japan

Connecting on Frequencies


Irene Berdine de Boer (1994, Delfzijl) works and lives in Amsterdam. She completed her Master of Arts in Painting at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen in 2018 and extended her studies with stays at CalArts: California Institute of the Arts and Otis College of Art and Design in the USA. Collaborating with professionals in Material Culture, Art History, and Organic Material Science, she establishes connections between elements in subcultures of pop culture and street culture and blends contemporary techniques with traditional media. De Boer’s focus lies on how patterns with an origin in nature become adopted in culture and how synthetic aspects of our culture become artificial nature. Her works often resemble an optimistic, playful, and nostalgic feel.

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Irene de Boer, Identity Photo, 2023
Irene de Boer, This is the most poor location in the world, I think - an archive of postcards of successful two-way connections, 2023
Connecting on Frequencies, ‘on a captivating two-way communication story’, 2023 -a multimedia collaboration and portrait of Yasuro ‘’moto’’ Sakamoto (JP), analogue photograph