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Curators from
Italy and Switzerland conduct
visits to artists studio’s
in the Noord Brabant
region of The Netherlands.

Lara Gaeta (IT)
Giacomo Galletti (CH)
Cristina Rota (IT)

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Studio Encounters

Since 2016 SEA Foundation has been organising studio visits by international curators and artists. These studio visits aim to increase the global visibility of contemporary art in Noord Brabant and provide artistic practices with reflection and critique. In addition to visibility, we aim to connect international curatorial voices to enhance artistic cooperation among Noord Brabant professional art field, and in doing so, bond regional and global relationship with artists, professionals, initiatives and institutions.

Cristina, Giacomo or Lara?

The studio visits by Italian and Swiss curators are planned for Thursday 8 December 2022. You may welcome for example Lara Gaeta, the director of aA29 Projects in Milan. Lara is a graduate Master in Contemporary Art History and Cultural Heritage from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. She has been curating shows together with curator Rosa Cascone in Italy and Germany and she worked at Pirelli Hangar Bicocca Foundation in Milan. Currently, she is the director of aA29 projects in Milan. Her field of research is focused on art and sustainability.

aA29 Project Room takes its name from the small asteroid 2002 AA29 co-orbiting with the Earth which is thought to have formed from the collision between the Earth and Theia, a planet that, according to the giant impact theory, would have collided with the Earth, and giving rise to the Moon. Also, aA29 was born from the clash-encounter with different entities of the contemporary art world from which it draws while following its own orbit and observing reality from new and different angles. aA29 projects consist of two multifunctional spaces one in Milan and one Caserta near Napels. aA29 Project Room supports research that is sensitive to ecological and environmental issues, which generate new possibilities for encounters and connections between living beings

Or you may prefer to welcome Giacomo Galletti, who is a team member of the curatorial group of Die Sonnestube in Lugano Switzerland. Die Sonnestube was founded in 2013. It is an itinerant offspace in Lugano, that focusses on exhibiting contemporary art and sometimes stages music events. Occasionally a fanzine market is organised with limited editions and art magazines. Sonnenstube, which literally means “sunny room”, is a term used in the German-speaking area of Switzerland to describe Canton Ticino. This word represents a place to relax, that is peaceful and idyllic. Sonnenstube is the point of view of the passing tourist of the first half of the 20th century or of intellectuals, hippies, and artists from Northern Europe who looked for an “elsewhere”. Sonnenstube is run by Giacomo Galletti (1993, curator), Giada Olivotto (1990, curator), Sandro Pianetti (1987, artist and interaction designer), Gabriel Stöckli (1991, artist), Gianmaria Zanda (1985, artist and musician).

In case you have questions about residencies in Italy or would like to find out more about what the Northern region of Italy has to offer. Sign up for a visit by Cristina Rota. She is the residency coordinator at The Blank residency in Bergamo. The Blank was founded in 2010 and has established a very sturdy contemporary art network. The Blank aims to connect art organisations, businesses, collectors, and artists through various projects of significant artistic and cultural value. The residency operates in dialogues, by encouraging the development of the audiences, through activities such as exhibitions and publications, educational projects, residencies, and contributions to international exchanges.

Deadline 24.11.2022

The sign-up window is open until Thursday 24 November 2022 inclusive. If you are interested in a studio visit by Lara Gaeta, Giacomo Galletti or Cristina Rota, you can let us know on or before 24 November. We ask you to briefly motivate in English your interest in a studio visit by using the google sign up form below. The responses received, together with any suggestions from SEA Foundation, will be submitted to the curators. They will make a choice from the list on the basis of which the visit programme will be compiled. You will only be notified if you have been selected by the curators for a studio visit.

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